The Summer I Turned Pretty : A Book Review

Hey everyone!

So I read a book haha. I love reading but I don’t get the time to read as much I would love to. So when I finally had the chance to read this book I thought I would review it for you guys.


So I got this bind up version of the first three books in the Summer I Turned Pretty series. I have finished the first book in the series. I got the book for like 7$ USD at Target. I thought it was worth the price, especially when books can run 10$ each.

I loved this book! I thought it was sweet and had the amazing reflection on what first love can do to us. The writing was easy and fun, the characters are relatable and the themes are important. It was the best summer read I could have picked up. It just made me want to go to the beach right that second.

I know this book didn’t get the best reviews because it’s predictable and some people think the main character is selfish. For the main character being selfish, I found her realistic. I remember being 15-16 and feeling the same way she did about her first love. For the predictability of the book, I don’t think that necessarily makes a book bad. I just find it was an easy read and easy to get sucked in.

I read the whole book in one sitting during a 12-hour bus ride. It made everything go faster. It was so easy to get lost in this book. I recommend it to anyone that just wants an easy short read that will give you all the feels. My friend is actually the one that suggested this book to me and I thank her for introducing this book series to me. I’m going to try and review the next two books in the series too if you’re interested in that.

If you want to pick up this book you can find it here on the CHAPTERS or TARGET website. Honestly, it’s summer goals.

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My Get Away Reading List

I love bringing light happy reads when I go on vacation. Fluffy, lovey, annoyingly
cute reads that go by quick. Contemporary is my go to grab for vacations. I have a 3-hour drive there and back on my family summer trip, so I need something that can hold me over for the whole ride.

Yes, I’m one of those freaks that can read in the car. I know, I know, most people get headaches or car sick if they read in a moving vehicule. For me, it’s the opposite. I’ve been taking long car rides since birth. I am trained to be able to just sit in a car and be okay, no bathroom, no food, just read a book and listen to music or a movie.

So I picked up three little fluffy books for my trip this year. I grabbed Once and For All by Sarah Dessen, a standalone novel about a girl named Louna that is the daughter of a famed wedding planner. Louna is an anti-happily-ever-after girl until she meets a bad boy along the way that has her question her hatred of love.


The second book I got was The Identicals by Elin Hilderbrand. This is one of the first adult novels that I am taking a crack at. I typically stick to YA but this book caught my eye. The book followed identical twins who happen to live in Nantucket, how summer-y, that have not spoken in years but are brought together by a family crisis. It’s supposed to be the summer read of the year. Elin Hilderbrand is known for writing good summer reads and I am excited to dip my toes in her novel.

The last book I grabbed and the book I am most excited for is How To Love by Katie Cotugno. I love Katie Cotugno’s writing and I could not wait for to get my hands on this novel. This book features a teen pregnancy, a lost love and of course romance. There is a lot of negative reviews for the book though which worries me but I am excited nonetheless.

One of my favourite magazines of all time is Cosmo. I am an avid reader. I have a
monthly subscription. My ultimate dream is to be able to work for Cosmo. I got the August and September issues in the mail and I’ve been waiting for the trip to read them. I do in fact read a magazine cover to cover. I’m one of those old people. I thought they would be great to read with my but on the sand and toes in the water.


I plan to either review or go a bit more in-depth with these books when I come back from vacation.

Once and For All by Sarah Dessen*: Once and for All

The Identicals by Elin Hilderbrand*: The Identicals: A Novel

How to love by Katie Cotugno*: How to Love

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