Ariana Grande’s Cloud Perfume Review // Blogtober #10

Hey everyone!

This is a bit of a spur of the moment post, but I thought it would make for some cool content since I think I’m a beauty guru every now and again. I bought the Ariana Grande Cloud perfume and I wanted to write a review for you guys.

I got this perfume because I saw her posting about it on her social media and was super intrigued by the way the scent was described. I wasn’t planning on buying it because I didn’t think I would like it. Usually, when I read about a scent online I always think I will like it but then when I actually smell it it’s not at all like the description.

I went to my local pharmacy that sells perfumes in hopes that it would be there. She was promoting it on an online website, but I had a feeling we would sell it at this drug store. It was a bit expensive online with shipping and customs, so I wanted to make sure I liked it first. Luckily enough and to my surprise, they did have the perfume. It smells amazing!


It smells soothing. There are notes of lavender which has soothing properties. Lavender is known to help people that suffer for anxiety and that is one of the big reasons by I wanted to check out the perfumes. I find this perfume is super relaxing and helps with my anxiety when I wear it. I also find it super fitting that her perfume does that. She has mentioned that she has been suffering with anxiety so maybe there is a connection. It is 100% possible though that it’s just a coincidence. There are also hints of bergamot, pear, coconut, and vanilla. I hate vanilla I’ve said this on multiple occasions, but I feel like it’s not overpowering and really blends well with the scent.

What’s also super cool about the perfume is that it came with a free gift. Now, usually, a free gift to me is not that cool. They’re kind of garbage most of the time. Well, I am pleased to say that the gift was not garbage! It was this super cute white and sheep texture backpack. I found it was super fitting with the perfume being called Cloud and all. Usually, her free gifts are headbands with ears on it which was the old era. The backpack is super cute and really good quality. I will be for sure using it as a purse since it’s meant to be tiny.


My final thoughts are that the perfume smells incredible. I love the scent. I also super love the packaging and the fact that it comes with a really cool free gift. It also wears for a long time and there’s a lot of product for what you are paying. I’m interested to find out if the soothing scent was intentional or not. I would try to tweet her about it, but the chances of an answer are very slim. So, if anyone knows if it’s true or not I would love to know.

Has anyone tried this perfume yet? If so I would love to hear your thoughts.

See you guys tomorrow.

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First Review of Zoella Beauty Christmas Collection!

Hey everyone!

So I am finally early to the party. I get to blog about some products before the hype has really picked up. I am feeling on top of the world because I haven’t seen a lot of posts or YouTube videos about the new Zoella Beauty collection! That is just crazy to me. Usually, I see a lot of posts when Zoe comes out with new products. I have a feeling it has to do with the fact that she hasn’t been as present on social media as of late and has said she is not feeling too good about her channel.

All that aside, I love Zoella Beauty. I don’t know if that is a bias because I love Zoe and have been following her for a long time. Though I’m not a huge fan of her body washes, they left me pretty dry. (I have a full blog post all about that HERE). I do absolutely love her body creams though. They aren’t sticky, they smell great and I feel hydrated after using them.

So that is why I was super excited to see that her whole Christmas line was on You can get both the things I bought HERE and HERE! I bought two of her gift sets wanting all of them but knowing that I shouldn’t. I have enough body cream and I don’t have a bath in my current place so I couldn’t get any bath stuff. So I stuck with perfumes. I really have been wanting to try all of the scents from all of her collections but it was super hard to find, living here in Canada.

I have a full review of all the products up on my YouTube Channel!! If you want to hear more about what I have to say about the products you can watch my video down below. (SPOILER!! I’m super in love with what I bought!)

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Splash Botanics Is In Canada // A Review

Hey everyone!!

So something very exciting happened yesterday! I got Zoe Sugg’s Splash Botanic’s beauty line in the mail today! I have been wanting these products since they came out. of course, living in Canada makes it just that much harder though. So I thought I would give a bit of a review/first impressions of the products.


I bought as much of the collection as I could get my hands on. I would have bought everything except I don’t have a bath in my new place and I wouldn’t be able to use those products.

I think to start I want to talk about the price. Everything in this collection is very affordable. I think that was a really cool plus. I know Zoe had a “scandal” with her calendar being very expensive. I honestly have to agree with Zoe not having much of a say on the prices. Everything she sells independently are super reasonable in price.

First thing first the actual scent. I love it. I was really nervous with all the reviews that I would not love the scent. I am very happy to confirm that the scent is very light and fresh. I think it’s perfect for the summer.

Botanic’eau’s container is made of glass and is an awesome size. I was very happily surprise thinking it would be a lot smaller. I’m in love with the packaging. I have a feeling that this is going to my favourite perfume for the next few months.


Quench Me body sorbet is the body cream that comes with the line. I think the pot is such a cool way to package body cream. There is about 200ml in the container and that is about as much as any other body cream I’ve ever bought. I thought because of the size of the container there wouldn’t be much product.


I haven’t tried the Make A Splash moisturizing body wash. When I opened it the body wash smelled like all the other products. I’m very excited to try a moisturizing body wash with a thick creamy consistency. I don’t think I’ve ever really tried any body wash like that.


Last but not least the newest addition to the Zoella Beauty creations, So Soft lip oil. I love this already. It smells different from the rest of the collection. The oil smells more like watermelon. It doesn’t taste overwhelmingly on the lips which is super important to me. I love the applicator finding it super easy to put on the lips. It’s also an applicator I see more in high-quality items. It looks like a clear lip gloss on the lips without being sticky. It doesn’t wear off when you eat either.


All in all, I am so happy that I finally have these products in my hands. I feel like this collection is way better than her original collection in terms of the quality of the products. I found the original collection very drying and this one very hydrating. I recommend anyone that is a fan of Zoella or just looking for a very summer-y scent.

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The Summer I Turned Pretty Book Review – Day #18

Hey everyone!

So I read a book haha. I love reading but I don’t get the time to read as much I would love to. So when I finally had the chance to read this book I thought I would review it for you guys.


So I got this bind up version of the first three books in the Summer I Turned Pretty series. I have finished the first book in the series. I got the book for like 7$ USD at Target. I thought it was worth the price, especially when books can run 10$ each.

I loved this book! I thought it was sweet and had the amazing reflection on what first love can do to us. The writing was easy and fun, the characters are relatable and the themes are important. It was the best summer read I could have picked up. It just made me want to go to the beach right that second.

I know this book didn’t get the best reviews because it’s predictable and some people think the main character is selfish. For the main character being selfish, I found her realistic. I remember being 15-16 and feeling the same way she did about her first love. For the predictability of the book, I don’t think that necessarily makes a book bad. I just find it was an easy read and easy to get sucked in.

I read the whole book in one sitting during a 12-hour bus ride. It made everything go faster. It was so easy to get lost in this book. I recommend it to anyone that just wants an easy short read that will give you all the feels. My friend is actually the one that suggested this book to me and I thank her for introducing this book series to me. I’m going to try and review the next two books in the series too if you’re interested in that.

If you want to pick up this book you can find it here on the CHAPTERS or TARGET website. Honestly, it’s summer goals.

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ColourPop Sol + Mar Palettes Review – Day #11

Hey everyone!!

I am so so so excited for today’s post! I have a review for you guys! I have I think never been so excited to write a review! I got my hands on the ColourPop Sol + Mar palettes. They are gorgeous!

So I want to start off with since I live in Canada shipping took about 8 days. That’s actually not too bad. On top of that, I had no extra fees to cover which is always awesome! I’m just impatient so I was checking every day my shipment tracking number.


Can I just say that ColourPop knows how to package their makeup? Nothing was broken everything looked amazing. The packaging was so adorable and I’m in love.

These palettes swatched really beautifully. Some of the shadows have different textures I noticed. Some of the shades are super soft while others aren’t. They are super pigmented which I love. I was worried that the blue would blend to nothing and it didn’t! It looks so great on the eye. The eyeshadows blended really well. I honestly have no complaint. I will be honest though I’m not the biggest connoisseur of makeup. I just love to play with it.

I think there are so many looks you can do with the individual palettes or even together. I created my look by using colours from both Sol and Mar. They’re a really great size so even though they are two different palettes they travel easy. I will be bringing them both on my trip I’m going on.



I decided to go against getting the whole collection. Though the liquid lips and the highlighters look beautiful I just didn’t feel the need to buy them. I don’t really wear  highlighter and I wanted to try out a specific ultra glossy lip. The whole collection is super affordable on sale as I write this for 68$. If you want the two palettes it’s 24$ and the palettes separately are 12$. The three lipsticks, if you’re interested in them, are 16$ together or 6$ on their own. The highlighters are 8$ each. I think all the prices make a lot of sense and really makes me want to buy from them again.


I also got the Ultra Glossy Lip in Cabana Boy. It is amazing. It’s not sticky, it dries down but not too much. It looks amazing on the lip. I highly recommend the colour if you’re looking for a sparkly little something.

All in all, I am in love! These are some of the first products I’ve tried from ColourPop and I will for sure be buying from them again. They have me convinced. They’re cruelty-free which is very important to me. I think this is going to be my new go-to brand.

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My Summer Vacay Reading List – Day #3

Hey everyone!
It’s back! Back again…guess who’s back? Tell a friend! haha! No, but really I am bringing back one of my most popular blog posts back in the day, My Get Away Reading List! I love reading as much do and I especially love bringing a nice new light-hearted book out on vacation with me.


So today, I will be sharing the books I will be reading during my summer vacation this year. I really wanted to bring back the theme of fun, romantic and summer literature. Now, I don’t think I did the best job with the summer part but I assure you guys this will all be some easy light reading.

After by Anna Todd

What started off as a fanfiction is now a full-on book! I know, I know, I am late to the party with this one. Truth be told I have owned this book since it came out. I just haven’t had the time or the right occasion to read it. (P.S I read the FanFiction so I kinda know what happens) I like a good romance book when I go away. I don’t know what it is but summer vacation and romance just clicks for me.



The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger

Can you believe that I got this book for 1$? I know! I found it at my local thrift shop and I just couldn’t leave without it. The Devil Wears Prada is one of my favourite movies of all time and when I say all time, I mean all time. I want to be a fashion journalist one day and it was pretty much my dream coming true. Except for the fact that I actually do want to work for Vogue and I do know a thing or two about fashion. I thought this would be a good book to pick up when I’m out on the beach just thinking about my future. Again something about the summer and dreaming is also something that just feels right to me.



The Greek Escape By Karen Swan

I got this book at Walmart. I was just browsing and it caught my eye. I was like “I need this!” The book just screamed summer reading list just by its cover. A story about running off with a mysterious man to Greece to look at expensive houses plus a mystery count me in. This is also an adult novel. This is the second one on the list and there is a reason behind it. I’m trying to read more adult literature now that I’m turning 20. I just feel like it’s time to read some more writing I can relate too. I just knew this would be the perfect thing for me while I chill by the pool.

90887807-BB32-4B91-989E-90AD95447C2B (1)


I know it’s not that big of a list but I did want to be realistic. I know I won’t be able to finish all these in a week. I just like when I have options especially when I’m reading a slow part of a book. I like to bounce around with how I’m feeling. It’s also been a bit since I really read. I just feel like when I go on vacation that is when I catch up on a lot of my reading.

Well, I’d love to know what you guys are planning on reading this summer or if you have read any of these books. If you have I would love to know what you think of them. I’ll see you guys all tomorrow.

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What I Loved in February // 2018

Happy Monday everybody!!

I know surprise! I don’t usually upload on Mondays, but I thought I would make a blog post to go with my YouTube video. For all those who don’t know I post videos on Youtube every Monday at 9 PM eastern time. Today I am sharing all my monthly favourites. So let’s get into it.


I love my beats. I got them at the same time I got my MacBook. They’ve been featured a few times in a couple of other posts like “What’s in my Carry On??”. I decided to add them into this month’s favourites because I have been using them every day. They are the best for students. The sound cancellation is pretty good. I’m sure they aren’t the best headphones for it ever, but I do really like them. I feel like I can really focus at school because when they’re in I can’t see or hear anything other than my work. I have the Rose Gold ones but if you want to buy some similar you can get these Gold ones here:


As much as I’ve always been a fan of YouTube I feel like this month I have taken a special care for it. I have been watching YouTube as a YouTuber and not as a fan or consumer. I was watching videos and taking mental notes on ideas for my own videos. I’ve been watching small channels lately too. I feel like there is a different atmosphere when you watch people that are still growing their channel. These people are in the same boat as me trying to build their career and hustling as hard as they can. Honestly, I really do suggest taking time to watch smaller accounts. You’ll be very surprised with what you’ll find. I actually talked to my boyfriend about this. We both agree that we find more genuine and interesting in smaller accounts. I think it’s because these are the people that are dedicated to their craft and are not just in it for the money.


I love notebooks. I am a stantionary-aholic. I have a genuine problem. So, this should come to no surprise that I like taking notes by hand. I decided to create a notebook to start taking my blog from personal to business. I’ve been reading ever pin I can find and taking as many notes as possible. I am the worst note taker. I have notes all over the page. Checkmarks, boxes, crossed out things, I have it all. I am the only person who can read my notes. I highly suggest getting a notebook if you are really looking to be more serious about your blog or YouTube channel. I think paper is the safe option rather than leaving everything on a computer. Your computer can crash or lose files out of nowhere. Just do it! Trust me. If you liked my notebook in the video you can get a similar one here from Kate Spade:


This was in last month’s favourites. I’m sure you guys are sick and tired of hearing me talk about this perfume. Almost all my perfumes are from Bath and Body Works. I love their brand, it’s cruelty-free and always good quality. Everything always smells so good too. I have never been disappointed with any of their products. They have a few other scents in this range if this isn’t your favourite. I have the Rose scent. Be warned, this is a real perfume, it’s not like their other body mists. If you don’t know most of Bath and Body Work mists don’t stick to you very long. This one sticks to you for what feels like forever.

Jalapeno Cheetos

I think this is one of the most embarrassing favourites but if I didn’t share I wouldn’t be true to my monthly favourites. I love these Cheetos so much. I am sort of obsessed with them. I will eat a whole bag in two days. If you like spicy snacks this is for sure the one for you. I find food harder to explain because I never know what to say about it. It’s very unhealthy and I probably shouldn’t be suggesting this to anyone but they are so yummy.


If you want a more in-depth talk about these products I did upload a YouTube talking about my favourites



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