I Love Juicy //A Lush Shampoo Review

Hey everyone!

I bought something. Maybe it’s a gimmick, maybe it will work, maybe I’m crazy who knows! I bought a shampoo specialized for oily hair at Lush last Monday! I gave it a week and thought I would share it with you guys!

Like always I have an in-depth review on YouTube if you want to see my face talk for like way too long. I would love to see all of you lovely friends over there. So please check it out.

Now on to the review. I kinda decided like 30 seconded before using the product that I would actually review it, #Content. I had high hopes for this product because well, any other shampoo I have ever used had been shit. I don’t mean it in a bad way. I just have oily hair and 99% of shampoo is catered towards people with dry hair. So all those hydrating shampoos are not for me. My hair gets oily that same day when I use those shampoos.

So if it says it’s for people with oily hair, I thought to myself, well how badly can they screw this up? Spoiler: there is no screw-up, it works amazingly!

My first impression was it’s expensive! I don’t know who has 37$ Canadian to spend on shampoo but this girl can’t! I prefer you know the 3$ range. If I can get it cheaper than that then I am a very happy girl. I just find it super hard to justify spending that much money on a small bottle of shampoo. It would only make sense if it would last me over a year and I doubt that will happen. I give it an optimistic few months.

Now, the first thing that struck me while actually using the product was that you don’t need a lot. One squirt and you’ve got enough to cover your head. This is taken into account that I have thin hair. It foams up like a normal shampoo and smells very strong. I bought I Love Juicy which is more of a tropical scent. If that’s not your thing then you will hate this.

Other than that, after a few days of using the shampoo, I noticed a huge change in my hair. Instead of being oily the next day my hair is healthy and shiny. That was very interesting to see. I am very impressed with what this shampoo has been able to do in the short time that I have been using it.

So all in all, I think I kind of love this shampoo haha! The only problem is that it is so expensive. It makes it hard for me to justify buying this product again for the price. But if you are interested in this products you can get it HERE.

Would you guys buy a specialized hair care product for that price? Am I being too picky or is the price insane? Would you or have you ever tried this product? I would love to know what you guys think!

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ColourPop Sol + Mar Palettes Review – Day #11

Hey everyone!!

I am so so so excited for today’s post! I have a review for you guys! I have I think never been so excited to write a review! I got my hands on the ColourPop Sol + Mar palettes. They are gorgeous!

So I want to start off with since I live in Canada shipping took about 8 days. That’s actually not too bad. On top of that, I had no extra fees to cover which is always awesome! I’m just impatient so I was checking every day my shipment tracking number.


Can I just say that ColourPop knows how to package their makeup? Nothing was broken everything looked amazing. The packaging was so adorable and I’m in love.

These palettes swatched really beautifully. Some of the shadows have different textures I noticed. Some of the shades are super soft while others aren’t. They are super pigmented which I love. I was worried that the blue would blend to nothing and it didn’t! It looks so great on the eye. The eyeshadows blended really well. I honestly have no complaint. I will be honest though I’m not the biggest connoisseur of makeup. I just love to play with it.

I think there are so many looks you can do with the individual palettes or even together. I created my look by using colours from both Sol and Mar. They’re a really great size so even though they are two different palettes they travel easy. I will be bringing them both on my trip I’m going on.



I decided to go against getting the whole collection. Though the liquid lips and the highlighters look beautiful I just didn’t feel the need to buy them. I don’t really wear  highlighter and I wanted to try out a specific ultra glossy lip. The whole collection is super affordable on sale as I write this for 68$. If you want the two palettes it’s 24$ and the palettes separately are 12$. The three lipsticks, if you’re interested in them, are 16$ together or 6$ on their own. The highlighters are 8$ each. I think all the prices make a lot of sense and really makes me want to buy from them again.


I also got the Ultra Glossy Lip in Cabana Boy. It is amazing. It’s not sticky, it dries down but not too much. It looks amazing on the lip. I highly recommend the colour if you’re looking for a sparkly little something.

All in all, I am in love! These are some of the first products I’ve tried from ColourPop and I will for sure be buying from them again. They have me convinced. They’re cruelty-free which is very important to me. I think this is going to be my new go-to brand.

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My Everyday Summer Makeup Look – Day #8

Hey everyone!

I am no beauty guru. I am actually shit at makeup if you haven’t seen my Blogmas post. I love makeup put for whatever reason I just can’t perform. I also don’t super follow beauty trends. I just wear what I like.


Okay, I lied. I follow one trend and it’s the brands that beauty gurus use. I bought a Fenty Beauty concealer in the shade Bamboo. I gave it an awesome review here. I also have the Naked 2 palette.

All the products I used for this look are cruelty-free. I am a strong believer in using cruelty-free products. I don’t understand how you can test a product on an animal. It’s not fair to them and it’s just so evil.


I like to keep my makeup light. I don’t like when I have heavy makeup on during the summer. I know it comes off anyway. I do the same smokey slash brown eye-defying look.


I use the shades Tease and Busted in the crease and then Half Baked all over the lid and corner. I use the Naked 2 pallette for this. You can get it here. I feel like these colours really play off my eye colour. I then use just an Elf mascara. It’s funny that this 3$ mascara is one of the best mascara’s I used. I just think it lifts my lashes and keeps them separated. I highly recommend elf mascara if you are looking for something cheap.


I’ve talked about this liquid lip on multiple occasions. This is my go to and it has been for months now. I got it for Christmas and I swear I have used it every day since. I just love how creamy and beautiful The Body Shop’s liquid lips are. They go on so easy and stay for hours. Again I highly recommend if you’re looking for something that is cruelty-free and you know will be a staple in your makeup collection.


Fenty Beauty is one of my go-to concealers if I want something light and to just colour correct my skin. The colour is an exact colour match for my tan during the summer. I’d have to buy something lighter for the winter season. You can get it here if you still haven’t tried it yet.

I know I’m not exactly the best beauty guru or blogger. I just enjoy playing around with makeup and for me, that is enough.

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