My 2019 Vision Board

Hey everyone!

I am back after a very long writing break. I just needed some time to recharge. I think I will write a post about it sometime soon but for now, we are taking 2019 in stride and talking about my goals!


I decided to make a vision board because every successful blogger or Youtuber I’ve seen has made one. I thought I may as well make one. Not only to mooch off the success of way more talented people but also because maybe it will work? If I have to see what I want in life every day maybe it will kick my ass into gear to actually do things. We’ll see.

I also made a video of me making this vision board and explaining it if you want to see it. I also have a Youtube channel and would love if you guys checked it out. I posted every day during the month of December for Vlogmas this year.

Let’s get started on what my goals are for this year. At the end of December, I had an overwhelming feeling of need for change. I really wanted 2019 to be better than 2018. I was feeling motivated and like I had the world at my feet. I can do anything and all I need to do is set my mind to it.

  1. Going Vegan

One of my top goals for this year is to go Vegan. I have always wanted to go Vegan. I actually was a vegetarian for about 2 years and then I met my boyfriend. My boyfriend is not vegetarian so I ended up eating meat and meat products with him. I also grew up in a meat-eating family so it wasn’t much of a foreign concept. After eating not very healthy for the last few months I decided I wanted a change. I honestly believe going Vegan is better for you and so does my boyfriend so he is joining me with this goal. There are a lot of people that will disagree with me. That’s okay. I just have done research and now know that eating plant-based it just what I want to do in life. So on January 1st, it started. We have cheated a few times since starting but it’s mostly in terms of cheese haha. I knew it wouldn’t be as easy as going cold turkey but I hope by the end of 2019 we will be fully Vegan.

2. Mental Health

I had a rough time in my first year of college. I have talked about this on multiple occasions. I skip school and get sick a lot. I decided that I was not doing that anymore. I was tired of ruining my own chances in life. I decided that I was taking 2019 to heal myself. I am working on my anxiety always. I just want 2019 to be the year where I get everything under control. I am tired of feeling sick and like I can’t leave my home. I’m not saying that I will be perfect. I am sure I will still get days where I can’t leave the house. I want to make it less than last semester though. That is my goal! I also want to meditate more and do yoga. I want to be more in touch with myself and put my feelings first and needs first.

3. Weight Loss

I want to lose weight. This is one of the biggest new years resolutions of all time. I believe in my heart that 2019 is the year for me to heal myself both mentally, physically and spiritually. Eating better and focusing on my mental health are the stepping stones for weight loss I think. I am at the heaviest I’ve ever been. I actually talk about this in a blog post from a few months ago. I don’t hate how I look per se but I do feel unhealthy and would like to tone up.  So I got a gym membership (who am I kidding? I’ve been paying for it for 6 months and have never gone) and I stopped buying UberEats. Hopefully, by the end of 2019, I will be in a healthier space.

4. Travelling + Seeing My Bestie!

I didn’t get to travel much in 2018. Travelling is one of those things I love the most in the world but I don’t get to do it too often. My goal this year is to really take the leap and go on as many trips as I can. I actually bought a passport holder that I leave on my desk. I believe in putting out into the universe what you want. I want to travel so I bought a passport holder to motivate me to save and plan more trips. Travelling is also important because my best friend lives like over 8 hours away. I miss her so much and really want to make more time to see her this year. There is no excuse. There are enough days in a year to make something work.

5. “Don’t stop until you’re proud”

My quote for this year is the one above. I really want to make this blog and my YouTube channel a full-time income. I hate working for other people and really just want to be my own boss. I actually photoshopped 1000 subscribers under my YouTube channel because I hope that this year will be the year that I will finally be qualified for Ads. I keep saying that I want to prioritize my blog and YouTube as a business but there’s always something that gets away, you guessed it, it’s myself! So this year I created a what I like to call a “content creating schedule” I literally bought an agenda and started scheduling in when things need to be done. It’s keeping my accountable. I want to say it’s working so far, I mean this blog post is up isn’t it?

So those are my 5 goals or New Year’s resolutions or habits or whatever you want to call them for 2019. I thought this was the best way to jump into 2019 with new content for you guys! I will be seeing you guys every Tuesday and Thursday! I hope you liked this post. I would really love to know if you guys have any goals for 2019? Or do you not believe in making goals?

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Why Did I Do This? – Day #31

Hey everyone!

My 30 days of blogging has come to an end. Today is my last day. I thought I would wrap this up with my reasons behind doing a 30 day of blogging. I gave a bit of an intro to my 30 days of blogging right before starting but never made a blog post about it.

I want to begin with what my mindset was a month ago. I knew I had not been posting often and I felt really bad. I was in this bit of a grunt were I wasn’t very motivated and I was feeling really discouraged. I was off my posting schedule and I was just posting content just to post. I was feeling ashamed.

Due to me moving I had taken a mini break from posting on my blog to focus on moving in and adjusting to living with someone else. After I adjusted I just wasn’t ready to go back to writing on this blog so I took more time off. By the time I told myself I need to start posting I just wasn’t into it anymore. I had no motivation to do it.

I had actually been planning to do another month of blogging back during the school year. I knew that over the summer I would have the time to dedicate to my blog. So I had all the posts for July already planned and all I had to do was do it. So I decided maybe it would be the push I need to start blogging again and it was.

I know have a deeper understanding for how hard it is to be a full-time blogger or just a blogger in general. It is not easy to give 100% of creativity at all time. I give props to any blogger who doesn’t give up and keeps blogging even when they are feeling unmotivated. I also think it’s okay to say that you can’t do it and you need a break. Blogging takes a lot out of you.

Now what? I am more motivated than ever to go back to blogging. I love it and I need reminders like these that force me to blog to remember. I feel like I’m someone that needs to think other’s are expecting something from me to stay on track. I also believe that it is way harder for bloggers with low follow counts to stay motivated. The more I blog the more people start to follow or read my posts and the more I am motivated to continue.

I am hoping to get back on my blogging schedule and work more and more on my blog and social media. I really want to push and stay motivated to grow my blog. It get’s hard when you don’t believe in yourself. I believe I am the only person that is in control of where my blog goes and I will be doing what I can to get it to where I want it to be.

So anyways this is why I decided to blog for a month. Will I ever do it again? Most likely. Do I think it’s hard? Yes. Do I think it’s worth it? For sure. Now I want to hear from you guys. Would you guys ever blog for a month just to get back your blogging juices?

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