Reacting to Old Easter Pictures // Easter 2018

It’s a Throwback Thursday kind of day.

I thought I would dig through some old photos from back in the day. I’ve always loved looking back at old photos. There’s something so nostalgic about it. It really makes me happy to remember when I was a kid, the good old days. I haven’t seen these Easter photos in a bit so I really wanted to react to them with you guys. Some of them are super embarrassing and others are cute. I will admit there are a lot of horrendous fashion choices, oh the early 2000s. I really hope you guys like the video I made.

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Christmas Body Products Haul – Blogmas Day #1

Who’s excited? I’m excited! It’s the holiday season! (the holiday season) I had too haha. I thought the best way to kick off the cold, snowy, dreary yet happiest time of the year would be with a haul. I went overboard. I have a problem. I also had a gift card. So, I bought my body weight in Christmas themed bath products. I know…