National French Fry Month – Day #16

Hey everyone!

July is National French Fry Month. So, I love anything that can be turned into a French Fry. So, of course, that is why I have my own favourite recipe. Besides the fact that I love to cook, I feel like it’s important to figure out how to make your own version of the unhealthy food. How do you make junk food healthy?

I always start with a potato. When making this blog post I had both russet potatoes (which I use the most often) and sweet potatoes. I make sure they are rinsed and take off any of the gross stuff I don’t want to be eating.

I think this part is optional and up to you on how you cute the potatoes. I like to make chips but if you’re really talented and have the time you can make them fry shape. I just find chips go way easier. You just cut the potato vertically.


Once all the potatoes are cut I put them on an aluminum foil covered pan. I use aluminum foil because it’s easier to clean up. I am straight up the laziest person and if it means there’s less for me to clean, I do it.


I drizzle a bit of olive oil over the potatoes chips so that the seasoning will stick. Today I decided to add onion powder and red pepper flakes. Red pepper flakes are spicy so if you’re not in the mood for spice you can always just use your own seasonings.


I stick these bad boys in the oven at 400 degrees for about 20 minutes. I check up on them at 20 to see how they’re looking and I either take them out or put them in longer depending on how they look. I look for them to be crispy.

I let them sit for about 5 minutes then I serve. I typically eat them with vegan sour cream and chives just for extra flavour.


I hope you guys have a great national french fry month. Do you guys have your own french fry recipe or do you just buy them premade? If you try out this recipe make sure to tell me about it!

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Taylor Swift – Day #15

Hey everyone!
How is everyone’s summer going? I went to a concert a few weeks ago and I thought I would talk about. I went to see Taylor Swift!!

So regardless of if you like her or not, her Reputation Tour is amazing. It was the best concert I had ever seen. The lights, the fireworks, the animation, everything was on point and amazing. I have been to a few concerts and this is the one to beat. Swift knows how to put on a good show.


I went to see the concert with my best friend Lauren. I don’t get to see her often because of the distance. It was just amazing to be able to spend some time with her and see our favourite artist. We have been following Taylor Swift since her music videos were like the only things on YouTube.

I was lucky enough to have a VIP pass. We were so close to one of the outer stages. We were like 10 feet away from her at some point. It was an incredible view. It came with a package that included, a hardcover bind up of the two magazines, the album, a patch, a display ticket and light up VIP pass. The box was so big I wasn’t able to take it back home so I had to take it apart and just bring the pieces it came with.

I know this is a bit of a short post but I’m actually currently editing a vlog. I will be attaching the vlog to this post once it goes up. I really wanted to share with you guys my adventure and how much fun I had.


Are there any concerts that really marked you guys? Have you guys seen Taylor Swift live before if so how did you find it?

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12 Questions With My Man – Day #9

Hey everyone!
Today I thought I would share with you guys my boyfriend. I have talked about him a lot on this blog and I thought it would be time to share a bit about him with you guys. So here is the interview I conducted.

What’s your name?


Your age?


Where are you from?

Guatemala originally but raised in Ottawa by my adoptive parents.

What do you want to do in life?

Not too sure. I want to make money.

What’s it like to date a blogger?

It’s fun, cause shit like this.

What’s your favourite hobby?

Video games.

What makes you happy?

My girlfriend. (AWW!!)

What makes you sad?


Your favourite season?


Your favourite book?

Harry Potter.

Do you like having your life online?

Sure. My life isn’t really online though.

We started off as long distance, is it easier now or harder?

It’s easier now.

As you can see he is the worst at giving full answers but nice enough to take part in this interview. (Not like he had a choice…oops) He really is awesome and helps me a lot with my blog. The best person I could ever ask to have in my life.

I hope you guys liked this little interview with my boyfriend. Does your significant other help with your blog or social media? If so I want to hear about it!

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How To Budget When You’re Broke – Day #6

Hey everyone!
I know this is going to sound like a broken record but I moved out recently. Since moving out I realized that food doesn’t come with the fridge, clothes don’t wash themselves and most of all money doesn’t grow on trees. Though I was prepared to move out the costs of food kind of sent me for a headspin.

Food is so damn expensive! It’s like I spend 20$ on food and it’s all gone the next minute. I don’t understand. Worst of all I buy my own food but I never want to eat what I have because it involves effort. It’s a bit silly but I’m sure I’ll learn to grow out of it.

As the title says I am going to share with you guys my best tricks for saving a couple dollar bills. I save money so I can pay for food and still buy things I want your reasons could be very different. I made a list of a bunch of things that could help everyone or at least I think it could help everyone.


This probably sounds dumb but walking saves money and gets those steps in. I walk an hour to work every day. Does it suck? Yes. Does it save me money? Yes. Gas can be expensive and sometimes cutting costs is best to look at the little things. I am fortunate to live somewhere things are at walking distance. Not everyone has the luxury so I suggest in investing in a bike. That also cuts costs and helps the environment. Win-Win!

2. Price matching and coupons

Does anyone remember that show extreme couponing? Well, that’s me at the cash nowadays. As crash as it seems it does help a lot. Why would you pay full price for things when you don’t have to?? I can save like 30$ on my groceries alone just but matching prices with other stores. It’s crazy what you can do with such a simple application. I use the app Flip. It tells me where all the best deals are. I also get coupons online with websites dedicated to finding you coupons. It’s sweet! Also, the app Checkout 51 gives you money back just by scanning your receipts. You should check it out if you’re into saving a bit of cash.

3. Leave your wallet at home

This may sound crazy but it really does work. If I know I’m going to work or somewhere that may tempt me to spend but I know I don’t want to, I don’t bring my wallet. It’s the best way to save money. If you don’t have it, you can’t spend it. I’m not saying leave all very important cards at home like medical cards and drivers license. I’m just saying don’t bring money. This was awesome for when I went to the carnival by my house. Most of the stuff is free except the food. It’s tempting to buy the over-priced food for many reasons but I knew I had food at home. The good old parent saying.

4. Make a spreadsheet

This is my favourite tip. This is what keeps me accountable for everything. I am less tempted to spend if I have to write everything down. I keep a spreadsheet with all the things I bought and how much it was. It’s also good for tracking where all the money is going. I also use one for saving. I have a document that has my saving goals and how much I’m going to put away that week in my savings account. It’s very important when trying to save money to just be aware of where that money is and where it went.

So these are my top four tips for saving money. There are a million and one tips out there that can help you save money. I honestly find that just keeping it simple and to its core is the best way. Accountability. Just own up to what you are spending your money on. Or if it’s because you have no money to find a way to get more money in.

I hope this helped some of you guys. I want to hear what your favourite tips are and what you do to stay on top of your money.

See you tomorrow! I would also love to mention that this is my 80th blog post! How exciting is that?!

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My Summer Vacay Reading List – Day #3

Hey everyone!
It’s back! Back again…guess who’s back? Tell a friend! haha! No, but really I am bringing back one of my most popular blog posts back in the day, My Get Away Reading List! I love reading as much do and I especially love bringing a nice new light-hearted book out on vacation with me.


So today, I will be sharing the books I will be reading during my summer vacation this year. I really wanted to bring back the theme of fun, romantic and summer literature. Now, I don’t think I did the best job with the summer part but I assure you guys this will all be some easy light reading.

After by Anna Todd

What started off as a fanfiction is now a full-on book! I know, I know, I am late to the party with this one. Truth be told I have owned this book since it came out. I just haven’t had the time or the right occasion to read it. (P.S I read the FanFiction so I kinda know what happens) I like a good romance book when I go away. I don’t know what it is but summer vacation and romance just clicks for me.



The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger

Can you believe that I got this book for 1$? I know! I found it at my local thrift shop and I just couldn’t leave without it. The Devil Wears Prada is one of my favourite movies of all time and when I say all time, I mean all time. I want to be a fashion journalist one day and it was pretty much my dream coming true. Except for the fact that I actually do want to work for Vogue and I do know a thing or two about fashion. I thought this would be a good book to pick up when I’m out on the beach just thinking about my future. Again something about the summer and dreaming is also something that just feels right to me.



The Greek Escape By Karen Swan

I got this book at Walmart. I was just browsing and it caught my eye. I was like “I need this!” The book just screamed summer reading list just by its cover. A story about running off with a mysterious man to Greece to look at expensive houses plus a mystery count me in. This is also an adult novel. This is the second one on the list and there is a reason behind it. I’m trying to read more adult literature now that I’m turning 20. I just feel like it’s time to read some more writing I can relate too. I just knew this would be the perfect thing for me while I chill by the pool.

90887807-BB32-4B91-989E-90AD95447C2B (1)


I know it’s not that big of a list but I did want to be realistic. I know I won’t be able to finish all these in a week. I just like when I have options especially when I’m reading a slow part of a book. I like to bounce around with how I’m feeling. It’s also been a bit since I really read. I just feel like when I go on vacation that is when I catch up on a lot of my reading.

Well, I’d love to know what you guys are planning on reading this summer or if you have read any of these books. If you have I would love to know what you think of them. I’ll see you guys all tomorrow.

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What I Ate for Lunch Today // Pescitarian

Hey everyone!

I know, I know, you guys are asking yourself why I ate a pescetarian lunch today. As you guys probably saw a few weeks ago I talked about my go-to vegan lunch. I will admit right here right now, I am a bad vegan!

So here are the facts, I have been wanting to go vegan now for almost 2 years. It’s something I really want to do in my life and something I want for my future children. Why do I not eat vegan all the time you ask? I still live at home where my meat-eating parents are in charge of the groceries. So it can be very difficult to eat vegan with what they buy because they don’t care to see if things are vegan or not.

So, I do what I can with what I got and sometimes it has semi-vegetarian. A semi-vegetarian is someone who eats a plant-based diet but on occasion adds meat. So Today I added crab to my meal.


I made a naan bread and crab sandwich with vegan mayo and a large salad with legumes, avocado and avocado – lime dressing. It was incredible and exactly what I was craving when I saw that there was unfrozen crab in the fridge.

This meal is also super easy to make. The only real time-consuming thing I had to do was cut the romaine salad and put it in a bowl. If you have pre-cut salad then it’s even quicker. Slap the sandwich together and throw everything in a bowl and you are set. I ate this at home because I have a day off but this is easy to make in the morning to bring to work or school.


I do suggest that you wait to put the crab sandwich together because it will get soggy by the time you eat. This is also a got to salad for me. I bring it to work all the time because it’s so good and very filling. Again I suggest that you wait to put the avocado because it will turn brown.

I highly recommend you guys try this meal if you’re looking for something easy and want to shake up your usual sandwich. I would love to know if you would try this meal or what your favourite lunches are?

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Mother’s Day // 2018

Hey everyone!

Happy Mother’s Day! I wanted to come on here and wish everyone a lovely and relaxing Mother’s Day. I know today can be a very touchy subject for some people for a various amount of reasons, so I’m sending so much love to those people.

I thought I would share a bit about my own Mother. My Mom and I are like best friends. She has always been the person I turned to the most. I have been so blessed in my life to be able to have such a good relationship with my Mom.


My Mom is wild and spunky and out there. She loves essential oils, crystals, meditation and wands. She is the most beautiful and loving soul I have ever been able to meet in my life. I hope to be as brilliant of a Mom as she is.


She’s the kind of Mom that let me skip school to go see New Moon. Yes, the second Twilight movie. My Mom has always been someone who bent the rules when it came to parenting and that created the most open relationship. I can tell my Mom anything because I know that she will love me to the day I die.


Just us serving some looks. WHO allowed me to have those bangs?


Though I didn’t see my Mom today I still wanted to share my love and admiration for her. (We will be doing something special this week) Happy Mother’s Day Mom! I love you so much. You are my everything!

Clara 🙂