My Go To Vacation Outfit

Hey everyone!

Happy Thursday! I just got back from vacation and thought I would share one of my favourite outfits from the trip.

I went to the beautiful Sainte-Adele mountains and stayed in the most gorgeous cabin. The place had the best views, a comfy bed and a cool hot tub. The place was just relaxing and tranquil. I wanted to wear an outfit that really symbolized how this cabin was making me feel.


I decided to go with my new go-to American Eagle pants. We actually went to the outlets the day of this outfit and I knew I was going to have to do some walking outside in the humid weather. My thighs tend to chafe so I thought I would go with something that would protect my thighs from that torture. These pants are so so so comfortable. I recommend them 100% if you can get your hands on them or something similar.


The top is a crop top that I actually wore to prom. I’m a bit lazy and hate wearing bras so this top allows me to not have to wear one. I also have rather large boobs so I need longer crop tops. So this one is the right proportion for me. It makes sure that there will be no nips slips or underboob but still gives my mid-drift some action.

I didn’t really feature any shoes because I just wore ugly flip-flops. I didn’t plan on making a blog post on my outfits so I only brought my comfy ugly flip-flops and sneakers. so I am barefoot in this post.


I also had my vintage purse. It was my grandmother’s back in the day and I just love the vibe it has. It reminds me of Louis Vuitton in a sense but I’m pretty sure it was nowhere in that price point. This purse makes me feel badass. It’s from a company called Liz Claiborne. I’m pretty sure you can find purses similar to this one on eBay. They run from about 20$ to 200$. I’m going, to be honest, I have no clue what makes some purses more expensive than others.


I was also wearing my Hawaii Passionfruit Kiss fragrance mist by Bath and Body Works. I find this is a great vacation scent. It’s so sweet and reminds me of Hawaii as the bottle states.


I didn’t wear much makeup but I was wearing an NYX Lingerie liquid lipstick in the colour in Push Up. Push Up is a light nude that just made me feel like my look was put together. I wore super natural makeup and I felt like it just matched the relaxed vibe.

So all in all that was my go-to look. Do you guys love these pants too? If so I want to know! What are some of you guys go to vacation outfits?


What I Loved in July // Monthly Favourites

Hey everyone!

We are officially back on the regular posting schedule. That also means we’re back on the regular posting topics. I think people are tired of monthly favourites but I’m not. I think it’s super interesting to see what people are into even if it’s for a short amount of time. I also set a goal to post a favourite every month for a year. I really want to be able to look back in a year and see what I was into over the course of the year. I always want to see if I’m still going to be interested in those favourites next year.

I actually recorded a video of all my favourites this time so less writing from me today and more talking. I really wanted to get back into filming videos again. I love making YouTube videos but I’ve been just a bit insecure. That and I made a whole post that is an open letter to YouTube that you can read here.

What are some of you guy’s favourite from July? Are you guys tired of seeing monthly favourites? Do you guys like seeing more YouTube videos from me?

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100 Posts Later – Day #26

Hey everyone!!

Today is a really exciting day!! Today I post my 100th blog post. Enlight of this amazing accomplishment I thought I would reflect on what I’ve learned and where I want to go.

So to start, I have learned a lot about myself over these last 100 posts. I realized that I have a hard time writing when I’m very busy or not feeling my best. I also learned that I am very critical of myself. I judge myself very harshly. I am a perfectionist which is something I’ve always know about myself. I just never realized how much it appeared in my writing. I find it hard to make blog posts when I think they could be better.

I’ve also learned that if I really set my mind to something I will do it. I think Blogmas really kicked off my love for blogging. I just really have to push myself to let go and just blog. My favourite thing that I’ve learned is that I really want to blog and make it a career someday. I love writing and I love sharing my writing with you guys.

Where do I see this blog going? I am hoping to be able to make my blog a full-time job someday. For now, I will focus on my plans for the next year. I am hoping to do my first brand deal in the next year. I think that is something that I’ve been wanting to do for awhile. I’ve just been waiting for the right offer. I also want to have 100 followers in the next few months. I am almost there and I am so excited.

I am also hoping to be able to make more YouTube videos in the next year. That is a goal that I’ve been talking about a lot. I get insecure and end up not filming. My hope is that I can be more confident in front of the camera so I can make more videos. I also want to buy a new camera to film better quality videos.

So here we go. Happy 100 posts! I want to know how long you guys have been following my blog. Is there anything you guys want to see from me in the future?

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Let’s Talk About Addiction – Day #25

Hey everyone!

I was not planning on writing this post at all during July but in light of Demi Lovato’s overdose, I thought it would be important to talk about. I feel like addiction is a very hard topic and maybe even taboo.

I am not a huge fan of Demi Lovato I will state that first. After she came out with her whole Stay Strong campaign something was just off for me. I just felt like it was not completely genuine. After her documentary, Simply Complicated came out my suspicions were proven right. She said so herself that she was not ready to get sober.

So how does this relate to me? I have seen addiction first hand. I know what addiction looks like. I know how it lies and manipulates. So that is how I saw the warning signs in Demi. Now, I’m not saying am an export or a fortune teller but I had a feeling.

I think this blog post really manifested and needed to be written due to my anger. I have been so angry and just all around annoyed with how Demi’s overdose has been treated. Suddenly every artist under the sun no matter how famous has been Tweeting and Instagraming and Snapchating wherever they can get some clout have been saying “Addiction isn’t a choice!!”

Why does that annoy me? Well, us normal people aren’t allowed to say that addiction isn’t a choice. We are expected to pay for the consequences of addiction. Being labelled a bum or even facing jail time is left for people who aren’t part of the 1%.

Now, I’m not trying to be an activist or anything. I’m just slightly frustrated with the fact that being rich excuses you from your own demons. I just don’t agree with the statement “addiction isn’t a choice!!” with the sole reason that addicts know what they are addicted to. Addicts know when they are going on a bender, they know when they are giving in and that is, in fact, a choice.

Anyways, I think I will just leave this here. This is my mini-rant about everything that has been going on lately. It’s like you can’t get away from it either. I would like to know what your thoughts are. Do you know someone that has suffered from addiction? Do you feel like this situation doesn’t deserve as much attention as it’s getting? Let me know!

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Summer Bucket List – Day #22

Hey everyone!

I know summer is halfway done and school is coming soon but I still have things I want to get done. I have one more vacation to take and plenty of sun to soak up! So, I thought I would share with you guys what my summer bucket list entails. I know this is a bit late but better late than never.

Go Hiking

I love hiking and I’m sad I haven’t gone yet. I’m hoping I will be able to go on a little hike on my next vacation. It’s just one of the best exercises and just basic fun.


I haven’t gone swimming yet! I know! We are getting a pool so hopefully, I’ll be able to go swimming then. I’m sure I’ll go swimming during my vacation too. I’m actually not a huge fan of swimming. I’m not sure why. It still feels wrong that I haven’t been in a pool yet even if it’s not my favourite thing.

Finish Moving In

I moved in in late May. We are still not done! We finished unpacking all the boxes but it’s just to finish organizing and decorating. I’m super excited to film a room tour when we finish. We are almost there and I couldn’t be happier!

Visit Montreal

I live about 40 minutes away from the city. There are so many things to do in Montreal, which I list in this post. I’ve been wanting to just go visit more often now that I feel comfortable travelling.

Visit a Farmer’s Market

I love fresh food! There are so many farms here in Quebec so why not shop locally. Shopping local is something that is actually very important to me. I prefer supporting people trying to make a living and feed their family than CEO’s that are fuelling their yacht.

Make More YouTube Videos

I have taken a long break from YouTube. I wasn’t feeling happy with the content I was creating so I decided to take a break. I wanted to refresh my content. I’ve also been posting on here every day and it’s been taking up a lot of my time. I think I’ve just not been confident so I gave up. I will hopefully be getting back to it soon.

Read More Books

I miss reading. I just don’t put the time into reading. When I was younger I used to be reading like 60 to 100 books a year. Now I’m lucky if I read one that is not for school. So I’ve been setting aside more time to read.

Get A Tattoo

I have been wanting to get a tattoo for like a year now. I think I just don’t find the time to do it. I don’t think about it or forget so it never gets done.

Lose Weight

I have been on a weight loss journey since September. So I’m just trying to stay motivated to continue. I will probably make a post about this at some point. I want to dedicate a whole post or video to my weight loss journey.

So here it is, my bucket list. What are some of you guy’s summer bucket list ideas? Are some of mine on your list?

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My Food Shopping Haul – Day #19

Hey everyone!

I love food! I love food so much. I think it is my favourite thing ever. So when I moved out and I started having to buy my own food, I got really excited. I am in love with the fact that I am in charge of my own grocery list and what I was eating.

We spend about 40 to 80 dollars each every week or two weeks depending on when we go shopping. Depending on where we shop we can save a bit more money too. If we go to the grocery store up the street we spend more money. If we go to the Walmart a bit further we save a lot more money because you can price match at Walmart. I’ve spoken about this before on my top tips for saving post, price matching saved my life. You can save so much money and shop at one place.

We buy a lot of fruits and vegetables, some meat for him and other little bits and bobs. My boyfriend loves juice and soda so we buy that for him. We have a lot of fruits and veggies for snacks and meals. The meat is mostly for him but I do on occasion eat fish and chicken.


So we just did our shopping and here is what we bought!


Mangos, nectarines, and avacados.



Cucumbers, zucchini, onions, garlic, chives, carrots and Brussel sprouts.



Ground beef, tuna,  chicken breasts, and basa fillets.


Buns, tortillas, and sandwich bread.

Milk products:

Silk almond milk, vegan butter, yogurt, feta cheese, marble cheese, and cheddar singles.


That is the big bulk of what we bought. We also grabbed a few things like sloppy joe packets and salad dressing. I eat vegetarian and my man is still transitioning to vegetarian. The plan is to go vegan one day. He is having a harder time letting go and thinks it’s just easier to eat meat sometimes.

If you guys have any tips for transitioning to veganism I would love to hear them. I’m sorry my fridge is a bit of a mess, I still need to organize it. What do you guys eat? Do you guys do your own shopping?

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The Summer I Turned Pretty Book Review – Day #18

Hey everyone!

So I read a book haha. I love reading but I don’t get the time to read as much I would love to. So when I finally had the chance to read this book I thought I would review it for you guys.


So I got this bind up version of the first three books in the Summer I Turned Pretty series. I have finished the first book in the series. I got the book for like 7$ USD at Target. I thought it was worth the price, especially when books can run 10$ each.

I loved this book! I thought it was sweet and had the amazing reflection on what first love can do to us. The writing was easy and fun, the characters are relatable and the themes are important. It was the best summer read I could have picked up. It just made me want to go to the beach right that second.

I know this book didn’t get the best reviews because it’s predictable and some people think the main character is selfish. For the main character being selfish, I found her realistic. I remember being 15-16 and feeling the same way she did about her first love. For the predictability of the book, I don’t think that necessarily makes a book bad. I just find it was an easy read and easy to get sucked in.

I read the whole book in one sitting during a 12-hour bus ride. It made everything go faster. It was so easy to get lost in this book. I recommend it to anyone that just wants an easy short read that will give you all the feels. My friend is actually the one that suggested this book to me and I thank her for introducing this book series to me. I’m going to try and review the next two books in the series too if you’re interested in that.

If you want to pick up this book you can find it here on the CHAPTERS or TARGET website. Honestly, it’s summer goals.

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