Sainte-Adele // Through My Eyes 2018

Hey everyone!

I went to beautiful Sainte-Adele, Quebec for summer vacation this year. I really wanted to share with you guys my adventure. I filmed a Through My Eyes so that you guys could see how beautiful this town is.

I had such a relaxing and fun trip. I really loved this town and hope to go back again. Though the lake was dead hopefully the lake will come back the next time I go back. Sainte Adele is also known for being a Skiing town. It was still an amazing place to visit during the summer.

I hope you guys like my Through My Eyes video. If you want me to make more videos like these please tell me. I really enjoyed filming this. Where did you guys go this summer?

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Why as a Canadian I Care About American Gun Laws // National Walkout Day

It’s national walkout day. Students across the United States are walking out of their class for 17 minutes to protest gun violence. The 17 minutes are for the 17 victims of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting last February.

I am Canadian, I currently live in Canada, Montreal to be exact. I have gotten a lot of critique lately for my strong opinions on what is happening in the US. I post in solidarity with a lot of the movements that are currently happening. I have been told that it doesn’t matter and I don’t live there so it doesn’t affect me. I’ve also been told that I was ridiculous and that my voice doesn’t matter.

I wanted to come on here and tell you guys that this is a very wrong mindset. As Canadians, we should care what is happening in the United States. They are our neighbours and we shouldn’t be leaving anyone behind especially young children that are being killed just for going to school.

A huge reason that I also care so much is because I lived there for 12 years. Philadelphia is home to me. I watch as friends of mine that live over there fear going to school. I never want to be in a position where I feel like I am not safe in a place I go to every day. I am a human I have a lot of empathy. I am scared to be shot in school. No one should ever have to live that, that is why I stand with the students today.

I will stand proud, I will fight. I will post my awareness on my social media. I am a student. I am Canadian. I am will be on the right side of history. Enough is enough.


Sign the petition here:

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I Need A Judgment Detox!

I was so so so lucky to meet my spiritual guru the other night in Montreal. My Mother and I have been reading Gabrielle Bernstein’s novels for years now. So on the 13th, we went to go see her talk. It was the most incredible experience.

The only problem…I couldn’t stop judging the girl sitting next to me at a Judgment Detox talk. I don’t like to consider myself a judgmental person. I think a lot of people would say that but if we really look at our behaviour are we really as good as we think? I am open-minded and always fighting for equality so why do I make comments that are judgmental about people I don’t know?

I’ve learned that if someone does something I don’t agree with I automatically think something negative about them. “Why are they telling me how to do my job?” “Why won’t they stop talking, no one wants to hear another story about their cat!” etc. I like to think I am judging them because I want better for them.

But back to my story about the girl sitting next to me. My mother and I paid for VIP so the person sitting next to me did too. We brought two friends with us and we were all sitting in our respective rows. Our friends were lucky enough to get the seats right behind us.

My mother is a very dedicated and an expressive listener, especially when she is listening to spiritual things. So am I, and our friends. My mother is all about that “Amen” and “Yes” while Gabby was talking. The girl sitting next to me could not handle it.

I was judging someone judging my family and friends! Every time my mom would move she would roll her eyes or sigh. If my mom was too loud she would whisper to her friend and they would laugh. It was disturbing my experience because I was annoyed that they were being disrespectful.

Toward the end of the show she was texting and I looked over. I am not someone to read texts but this message just jumped out of me so hard I couldn’t help read it. She was texting a friend that was also at the show somewhere how she couldn’t stand my guru and said she wanted to get out of their as soon as possible.

I was enraged. How dare she not see the brilliance of my guru. How dare she judge my family and friends at a seminar about learning how to stop judging.

I had to take a second and realize I needed to use her steps that she was talking about. Use her book. One of the biggest parts of judging is because something happened to you in your past that makes you judge. This girl judging my family was a wound in my from high school when students use to judge me. I was judging her because I didn’t want my loved ones to feel the pain I felt from her judgment.

I learned at the talk that judgment is not something we want to do. It is a self-protection method. We judge because of our own experiences our own mistakes and wounds. I recommend not only seeing Gabrielle Bernstein live because she is amazing and the most wonderful spiritual leader but you learn. If you are open to learning she will teach you. IF you are open to the universe and her guidance, your life will be changed.

I’m a College Student: Through My Eyes

Let’s start with this. I had a bit of anxiety when I sat down for my first class. The last time I went to school full time did not really go too well. I was nervous. I was really scared that I would hate it and drop out again.

For the last couple years of my life, I have struggled with school. I felt unmotivated and just like a failure. I could do a full blog post talking about my struggles with schools if anyone would like.

I was walking around the school between my classes today and felt excited. An emotion that I haven’t felt in years when it came to school. I had walked through the halls of this school a few times when I wasn’t a student here. Now I feel like it’s mine and I am a part of something. It’s like I subconsciously know that I will get the education I need to launch my career. I missed going to school, I missed liking school.

I am hoping that this feeling sticks for the rest of my time in college. It’s nice to wake up in the morning and want to learn. I am finally doing what I want to do. I am getting what I wanted. It took a lot of hard work and dedication but I did it. Here’s to me getting my degree.



Lac Mégantic: Through My Eyes 2017


I will admit that I wasn’t the most ecstatic in the world to be going to Lac Mégantic. The last time I had been here, 3 years ago to be exact, was a disaster. We were sleeping on the floor of my grandparents cramped camper. Just to put it lightly, we were cranky and always on top of each other. It created some attitude. We need our space.

This year we decided to say at our own place so there wouldn’t be a repeat. The place we stayed at was incredible. It had the most gorgeous view of the lake and the mountains. I would honestly buy this place if I had half a million to put into a second home but like most, no luck. So I guess I just had to soak up it in as much as I can while I was there.

I think for the first time in awhile I actually feel in love with a vacation destination. I climbed a mountain, I got to pet a bear and just sit by the lake. There was no waking up at the crack of dawn, we woke up towards 9:30-10. There was no take out. We bought groceries and ate home cooked meals. (Side note: I think I lost weight this trip. Nothing crazy. Just eating at regular times and my strange lack of appetite.)

I feel relaxed. It’s almost strange feeling relaxed after a family vacation. I’m sure i’m not the only one who gets what I mean. It may have to do with the fact that I got my own queen bed to myself and my own space to disappear.

Lac Mégantic Through My eyes video.

Whatever the reason, I even experienced what feels like a profound calling. It was like I suddenly understood what I need to do with my life. I need to be a blogger. Maybe it’s fate but my blog traffic went up while I was on vacation this week. Lac Mégantic has showed me that I am meant to continue and pour my whole being into Collecting Glitter. No more fear. I am a blogger.

This trip was everything I needed. I’m not a religious person, not at all. I have plenty of problems with religion after my childhood being raised in a church. Though that story is for another day. I still felt a cosmic calling. My life needed this break from real life to see what I really want.

Someday I will buy a place here ad a second home. I leave with that. Lac Mégantic changed me for the best and I will return every chance I can get.

Saint Jean Baptiste – 2017


Happy Saint Jean Baptiste to all my fellow Quebecois out there. If you have no clue what I’m talking about, Saint Jean Baptiste is a holiday that is celebrated here in Quebec. It is known for its fireworks, festivities and basically an excuse to get drunk. Most of all it’s a day to celebrate our Frenchness. We get to yell from the rooftops how proud we are to be French Canadian.

My town puts together a festival every year that never disappoints. This year’s theme was JE SUIS CIRQUE. That roughly translates to I Am Circus. It pretty much means nothing. I don’t even think it means anything in French. Oops.

Every year the acrobats and circus performers come out to display their ever amazing talent. It amazes me the hard work they do and they deserve all the attention they get for these few days of fun. They have a few pop-up shows throughout the day and a huge show every night.

Not only are our circus performers are being celebrated by the rest of our community. The chip stands are our the local restaurants. The sponsors are our local supermarkets and pharmacies. I think that’s what makes this holiday so special to me. My community comes together to put together an amazing day.

Today was a hit and I am glad to share it with you guys with my first youtube video.

My video