Mother’s Day // 2018

Hey everyone!

Happy Mother’s Day! I wanted to come on here and wish everyone a lovely and relaxing Mother’s Day. I know today can be a very touchy subject for some people for a various amount of reasons, so I’m sending so much love to those people.

I thought I would share a bit about my own Mother. My Mom and I are like best friends. She has always been the person I turned to the most. I have been so blessed in my life to be able to have such a good relationship with my Mom.


My Mom is wild and spunky and out there. She loves essential oils, crystals, meditation and wands. She is the most beautiful and loving soul I have ever been able to meet in my life. I hope to be as brilliant of a Mom as she is.


She’s the kind of Mom that let me skip school to go see New Moon. Yes, the second Twilight movie. My Mom has always been someone who bent the rules when it came to parenting and that created the most open relationship. I can tell my Mom anything because I know that she will love me to the day I die.


Just us serving some looks. WHO allowed me to have those bangs?


Though I didn’t see my Mom today I still wanted to share my love and admiration for her. (We will be doing something special this week) Happy Mother’s Day Mom! I love you so much. You are my everything!

Clara 🙂


Saturday’s is the New Post Day

Hey everyone!

I am officially on summer vacation. I have been loving the sun and spending time with the people I love and relaxing before I start working full time. As you may have seen I told you guys last week that I want to start being more active on my blog. I want to put more effort into my content and being more present in my posts. If you haven’t seen that post, you can read it here.

As the title might be giving away, I have decided to add Saturday’s and officially Monday’s to my post days. I have been posting on Thursdays every week for almost 4 months now. I on occasion post on Monday’s because that is the day I post my YouTube videos. I really want to just start posting more so I added those two days to my post schedule.

I hope you guys want to read my blog as much as I want to write for you guys. I am so excited for this summer. I have so much content planned and I am hoping that I can really show you guys how much I love writing and blogging. I also will have a bit more help this summer. My amazing and lovely boyfriend has said on multiple occasions that he wants to help me with Collecting Glitter. So that will help a lot when he moves in.

I will see you guys on Monday! I just wanted to let you guys know the new schedule for this summer. I hope you guys have an amazing Mother’s Day weekend. I will probably see you guys tomorrow for a Mother’s Day post about my incredible mother.

Clara 🙂

Mental Health Awareness Month // 2018

Dear Everyone!

It’s Mental Health Awareness Month in the USA and I thought I would talk about it. For all of you who know that I live in Canada, our celebration of Mental Health Awareness is actually from September 30th to October 6th, 2018. Even though we are aren’t technically talking about it here, there is never a bad time to talk about mental health. Talking and sharing our struggles with our mental health is very important to keep the stigma and stereotypes away.

I thought I would share a bit of my story briefly and I have a few words for everyone struggling with anxiety. I have anxiety basically my whole life and it has kept me from doing things for a very long time. It has been a big problem in my life and as of last year, I have started to tackle it head on and make sure I am in a better mental space. If you want to read more about my anxiety I have two posts about it where I talk about it and then an update a few weeks later.

Anxiety has been such a big part of my life and it took me a long time to realize that I am not my anxiety. Anxiety is something that makes me feel like I am not in control of my own life and no one should have to suffer from it. For all those who are wondering, I am not medicated and that is a choice that I have made for myself. I don’t have anything against people who are medicated but I just don’t believe in it for myself. From watching some of the people I am close to, to research I have determined that it was better to fight anxiety rather than mask the symptoms of it. For everyone who does take medication, there should be no shame or stigma towards it. I don’t believe in shaming anyone for taking medication to help.

I have also struggled with depression in my life and I do want to tell people it gets better. I know that sounds cliche and even wrong but it does. I think things got better when I realized that it was for me to make a change not the world around me. I think one day I just woke up and said I didn’t want to be depressed anymore and I was willing to do and change whatever it was I had to change so I wasn’t feeling the way I was feeling any longer. I cut out people who didn’t make me happy, I stopped doing things that made me sad and focused on the positive and just changing my mindset on life. I had an easy time and really transformed my life out of sheer willpower not everyone can do that I can recognize that. Keep fighting and doing what you are doing to feel better.

I think the most important thing that people who don’t suffer from mental disorders is that we who suffer are not our disorder. We are not anxiety or depression, etc. My anxiety can make me a who different person than who I really am. When I am getting anxious and having panic attacks it’s not because I want to it’s because something is wrong with my brain.

I really hope that people can come forward more and talk about how they are feeling without fear of judgment. My blog is a safe place to talk and always will be. If you ever need someone feel free to email me at or through my contact page.

Much love,

Collecting Glitter – Clara Le Bel

My May Goals – Do More of What You Love

Hey everyone!

May is finally here! If you guys haven’t noticed, I prefer warm weather over the miserable Canadian winter. I feel like May is going to be a very motivating month. I think the change in weather and the sunshine is really going to help kick my butt into gear.

I really wanted to talk about my May goals with you guys. I didn’t really set anything in stone this month. I just wanted to have some general goals for the month.

I really want to dedicate more time to making better blog posts for you guys. I know I have been posting consistently for 3 months now but I don’t feel like my content is as good as it can be. As much as it is nice to say that I haven’t gone off schedule, if the content isn’t good it’s not really worth it. I feel like I haven’t made the posts I’ve been wanting to or YouTube videos for that matter.

I have a feeling this was because I was trying to juggle too much at once and I wasn’t able to put my 110% into anything. Everything I did slacked a bit. I’m hoping that with school being done and the only plans for this summer is work, I’ll be able to give more time to what I really want to do.

I had this big goal to get my blog and YouTube page to 100 followers/subscribers by June. I don’t think I will be able to reach that goal because I have not been able to give the time to hustle everything. As much as it was a nice goal I’m very far behind on both platforms to reach it. I’m not saying it’s impossible because I have not given up and I will try my hardest but it may not be realistic. (If you haven’t subscribed to my YouTube channel I highly suggest you all do. I promise really cool videos are coming.)

I think all around May is going to be a month of growing Collecting Glitter. I’ve never been so dedicated to a brand. I have given up a lot of blogs in the past but now I’m pushing forward and doing what I want to do.

Have you guys also felt like your life has been in the way of making the content you want to create? I would love to hear from you guys about trying to grow your platforms? I will see you guys soon!

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Top 5 Tips for What to Do When You’re Sick

Hey everyone!

I decided to make this post because I have just started to get over this cold/flu that I had. I was super sick for the last couple days. I really took a break and tried to focus on getting better. I wanted to share with you guys my best tips for getting over a cold. This is the first time in my adult life I think that I have been this sick. It was a bit scary at times and I wanted to share everything I’ve learned so you guys are prepared. If you guys are facing a cold right now then I hope you start feeling better soon. If you just stumbled on this post hoping you won’t get sick anytime soon, I wish you so much luck you have no idea.

1. It’s okay to take time off

This is something I have a hard time with. I feel like when I take days off I am abandoning my responsibilities. I ended up not going to work two days in a row and missing one day of school. I have never taken off that many days in a row. I usually am the type that will give myself a day and then force myself to get back to real life. This time I knew I had to do what was right for my body. I didn’t have enough energy to be doing anything other than being in bed watching Netflix. I am here giving you permission to take off as many days as you need. I was actually overwhelmingly surprised with how much my job and teachers were understanding. I told them that I was really sick and not doing well and they just all told me to take the time I need to get better. I even took the week off from making Youtube videos. I just knew I didn’t have the energy to put into them that I usually would. I rather take the time to heal my body rather than force myself to get things done and risk getting sicker.

2. Drink lots of water

This may seem really strange for some but drink a lot of water. When I was sick I became very dehydrated very quickly. The leaky nose was taking up all my fluids it seemed like. If you are throwing up this is also a very important step. Your body needs to stay hydrated if it doesn’t it can make you sicker. I know a lot of people hate water for whatever reason. (I really like it) Drink warm tea can help if you don’t like water. I was not drinking water for a bit or eating so I had to force myself to drink water. The hydration gave me that little bit of energy I needed and kept my temperature down. I am no doctor so I can’t tell you if this is actually a medical recommendation but it did work for me. Also drinking water can’t do any harm so it’s worth a shot if you feel like you aren’t doing too hot.

3. See a doctor

Now I didn’t end up going to the doctor so, do what I say not what I do. It’s worth the trip to the doctors sometimes. They can give you prescriptions that will make things better a lot quicker than Tylenol. I know seeing a doctor is not a luxury everyone has. I do recommend it though if you have that option. I didn’t go because I really didn’t feel like sitting in the clinic for hours waiting. Here in Canada, yes the health care is free, but it’s not exactly quick or on demand. I would have for sure gone if I felt like I couldn’t handle it anymore or if I really felt like I needed medical assistance. You can feel when your body needs help, listen to it. Unless you’re a doctor there is only so much you can do by yourself. Ask help from the people who know what they are doing. The flu can kill you. (Not to scare anyone) Yes, people die every year from the flu, mostly children and the elderly. According to CNN you are more likely to die of the common flu if you have pre-existing conditions like heart disease, lung disease or diabetes. The flu can result in pneumonia or sepsis. Just be aware of how you are feeling and don’t let a small cough mutate into something deadly.

4. Take your medication

Even if it just Tylenol take the medication it helps. Even if a lot of my symptoms were not “cured’ by unprescribed medication at least one of the ones that made me the most uncomfortable went away, my headache. My sinuses and ears were infected which caused me to get very bad headaches. The pressure of the stuffed nose and blocked ears would cause my head to be in searing pain. I was all up in my room like Harry Potter holding his scar. The best thing that I did was take my Advil, Tylenol, generic brand pain reliever to get rid of that headache. It makes everything else more manageable. It’s easy to forget or feel like it’s not worth it but honestly, just do it. I know there are people who don’t believe in medication, that’s okay. You don’t have to take this tip but it really did help me.

5. Sleep

Get your rest. I slept all day and I didn’t feel guilty. It felt so good to just sleep. That could also be because I don’t usually get the right amount of sleep so I’m always exhausted but I was so happy. I do find that I am more tired when I’m sick. Just today when I had to wake up for school I got the same amount of sleep I usually do but I was just so tired. I felt like I needed to sleep another few hours. Your body needs the rest so that it can heal itself don’t deprive it of that. You will need extra hours of sleep when you’re sick because your energy will be down. Go to bed earlier than usual or make sure that you will get at least 9 hours of sleep. I was sleeping like 15 hours of the days I stayed home. That was probably an overkill but that’s what my body needed to heal itself. Listen to your body!!

These are my top 5 tips for what to do when you’re sick. If any of these tips helped you make sure to leave me a comment. I love hearing from you guys. Also, if you have any of your own suggestions I would love to here. I am open to whatever so I can get over this cold.

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The Flu

Hey everyone!

I thought I write you guys while I am on bed rest. I have fallen sick af. I am the worst when I get sick. I am a total drama queen. I hate a leaky nose and a cough. The only problem is this time I’m actually so sick.

What I thought was just a cold turned to a sinus and ear infection which I later realized was the flu. I just feel so yucky. I had to call in sick twice from work. I am never someone who calls in sick two days in a row. I usually like to tough it out and just go. Today though I can’t even get out of bed. I have no energy and have used a whole box of tissues.

I’m just hoping I feel better soon.

I’ll talk to you guys soon.

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How I’m Staying Motivated and Sticking To My Goals This Spring

I think the biggest question we all have is how to stay motivated. How do we stay driven to lose those last 20lbs or write a book or even get up in the morning for school? I don’t think there is an easy answer. I also think the answer is very personal. For me, it’s time constraints. I am a very last-minute kind of person. I do think at the very last second when I have no time left. Is this the healthiest method? Probably not. Will I continue doing it? Most likely. I don’t learn if I’m honest.

When it comes to my blog my motivation is my passion. I love what I do. I enjoy writing and I love sharing it with everyone. I also like the idea of being rich and famous one day from my blog, (Kidding…sorta) I don’t personally think the latter should be used as Real motivation. You’ll be very disappointed when you realize it doesn’t take a month for it to happen.

My biggest motivation this spring is female empowerment. I am all about that girl power! I’ve been listening to a lot of podcasts and reading a lot of books focusing on women supporting other women. I find it very interesting and inspiring. I spent a lot of my life where it was rare to see women encouraging each other. It’s really sad to think about.

This motivation helped me create my goals for this spring. One of my biggest goals is to get both my Youtube channel and my blog to 100 subs and follows. So, I’ve been told, your first 100 is the hardest number to reach. I am half way there here on this blog, so if you aren’t following me yet, I would so love it if you did. My Youtube channel is struggling at almost 30 subscribers. Again, if you love my blog, you’ll for sure love my channel.

If you want to hear more about my motivations and goals I have a YouTube video all about it. I go in depth on everything I will be doing this spring to keep me motivated to hit my goals.


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