A Little Dessert Adventure – Blogmas Day #16

My boyfriend and I have discovered an awesome little donut shop. Suzie Q is situated in Ottawa and is privately owned.


Christmas Card Love – Blogmas Day #14

Nothing screams holidays today as much as cards. Every year my parents would send out a Christmas card with an awesome shot from a photoshoot we did. Like the ones you get done in the mall. Later on it was done by a friend of my mothers. Once my parents got divorced we stopped sending them. Once we moved to Canada, we stopped getting them. Maybe it’s a culture thing. I love it though and I will continue the tradition.

Gift Giving Guide: Boys – Blogmas Day #11

I can’t be the only one who finds it so hard to shop for boys. They’re like mythical creatures, you know you’ve heard of them liking things but you haven’t seen it. This is my no fail guide to getting something for a special guy in your life without the cheese.

Family Restaurant Dinner OOTD – Blogmas Day #9

It’s my brother’s birthday today so we are going out to dinner to celebrate. It’s just us so i didn’t need to get too dressed up but still wanted to look put together.

Usually, put together for me is wearing jewelry and putting on makeup. Also digging out a pair of jeans. I decided to go with a simple green sweater from Joe Fresh and jeans from Urban Planet.