My Favourite YouTubers – Day #24

Hey everyone!

I think this is the most overdone post ever. So I thought I would do it cause why not? Here is a list of my favourite YouTubers and what I like about them. I would put myself first on the list but I don’t think that’s the point of this tag. Is it a tag? Anyways, if you didn’t know I make YouTube videos you can check them out here. Now for my favourites.


Zoe Sugg is honestly my inspiration. I have been following her for years now. If I could do anything in life it would be able to do the same thing as her. I love her lifestyle niche. Though a lot of bloggers say that it’s not possible to have a lifestyle niche, Zoe proves you can. I can even get my boyfriend to watch her videos too.

Ellen Fisher

I love her family! She is the coolest vegan mom. I watch her for her recipes and found her through a friend. Her family is just so beautiful and I hope to be able to raise a family like her. I really want to homeschool my children because of her. My boyfriend and I also want to move to Hawaii.

Sarah Lemkus

I love her videos. Her what I eat in a day videos really inspire my own eating. I look to her for awesome recipes and vlogs. Her children are literally so cute. I recommend her if you’re looking for more vegan content.


If you’re looking for a not your average beauty guru then Kristi is your girl. Kristi is upfront and always calls it how it is. I find her reviews funny and awesome. She is so open and vulnerable with her viewers. That is everything I look for in a beauty guru.

Shane Dawson

I thought I would add Shane on this list. I have been watching his videos none stop as of late. I love how much he has grown as a YouTuber. I used to watch him back in the day and though I miss Shanaynay, I prefer his new content. I find him so interesting and honest. If you’re looking for relatable humour and just plain heart to heart, Shane is your guy.

So here it is, my favourite YouTubers. There are also a bunch of other Youtubers I watch of course. I just went with the people I always wait for them to post. If some of these YouTubers are your favourites let me know. If you have any suggestions I would love to hear them.

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My Tried and True Travel Tips – Day #23

Hey everyone!

Since I am a seasoned professional who knows how to travel I thought I would share with you guys my tips. Okay, that’s a lie but I do have a hard time travelling. So, I have a bunch of tips to help uneasy travellers. The thing with travelling is that you have to find your comfortable so without further ado here are some of my tips.


One of the most important things ever and I mean ever is to stay hydrated. I’m sure there is a scientific reason behind this but I have no clue what it is. Travelling is very dehydrating. Whether you’re taking a plane or a train or even a car, your skin and body will suffer. I am always thirsty during a trip so I bring a refillable water bottle. I know a lot of people worry about having to stop to pee but I’ve never had problems with that. Maybe I’m superhuman and know how to control my bladder really well, I don’t know. I just don’t think worrying about having to pee is a huge concern. If you’re on a plane, train or bus most times than not there is a bathroom. (Even if it’s covered in poop) If you’re in a car every couple of miles there is a rest stop. If you’re really in the middle of nowhere, it’s time to pop a squat on the side of the road. Don’t worry, we’ve all done it.

A Book (Entertainment) 

I read. So this tip can be open to interpretation. I like to call this tip “distract yourself as best you can”. For anxious travellers like myself, it’s easier if I am distracted by something so I don’t feel trapped. That is my number one panic attack trigger when I travel, entrapment. This tip can also manifest in the form of a movie, music, or even a little game on your phone. This can be whatever you know that will distract yourself. You know yourselves better than I know you. Grab something and make sure it’s close that will be a quick boredom reliever.

Have All Your Documents

This may sound stupid but honestly, you’d be surprised. I have seen it first hand, getting to the border or getting onto a train and realizing…an important thing is missing. Why would you leave without your tickets, passport, or wallet? It happens. Things stay on counters and in bags that were changed out last minute. If you’re an anxious traveller I suggest making sure everything is together the night before. I also like being the one in charge of everyone’s things. If I’m travelling in a group for whatever reason I feel less stressed if I’m in charge of other people. I guess in some twisted way if I have to take care of someone else my anxiety has to go away because I have to be strong and in control for others. If that is for sure not for you, do the opposite, make sure someone else is in charge of you.

A Good Pair Of Sneakers

The only thing I travel in is sneakers. No flip-flops, no heals (Jenna Marbles anyone? Is that too old of a reference?) no anything. If you don’t have a comfortable pair of ugly sneakers or cute workout ones pick some up. They’re like 20$ at Walmart or Target. You will never thank anyone more. Wear something comfortable especially if you know you’ll have a lot of transfers and moving around you’ll have to do. I had a couple of transfers on my last trip and it helped so much to be in sensible shoes.

So here you have it, 4 of my tried and true tips for travel. There are plenty more I could share but I had to end somewhere. If you want to know more trips for anxious travellers tell me! Do you guys have any tips and tricks yourselves?

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Summer Bucket List – Day #22

Hey everyone!

I know summer is halfway done and school is coming soon but I still have things I want to get done. I have one more vacation to take and plenty of sun to soak up! So, I thought I would share with you guys what my summer bucket list entails. I know this is a bit late but better late than never.

Go Hiking

I love hiking and I’m sad I haven’t gone yet. I’m hoping I will be able to go on a little hike on my next vacation. It’s just one of the best exercises and just basic fun.


I haven’t gone swimming yet! I know! We are getting a pool so hopefully, I’ll be able to go swimming then. I’m sure I’ll go swimming during my vacation too. I’m actually not a huge fan of swimming. I’m not sure why. It still feels wrong that I haven’t been in a pool yet even if it’s not my favourite thing.

Finish Moving In

I moved in in late May. We are still not done! We finished unpacking all the boxes but it’s just to finish organizing and decorating. I’m super excited to film a room tour when we finish. We are almost there and I couldn’t be happier!

Visit Montreal

I live about 40 minutes away from the city. There are so many things to do in Montreal, which I list in this post. I’ve been wanting to just go visit more often now that I feel comfortable travelling.

Visit a Farmer’s Market

I love fresh food! There are so many farms here in Quebec so why not shop locally. Shopping local is something that is actually very important to me. I prefer supporting people trying to make a living and feed their family than CEO’s that are fuelling their yacht.

Make More YouTube Videos

I have taken a long break from YouTube. I wasn’t feeling happy with the content I was creating so I decided to take a break. I wanted to refresh my content. I’ve also been posting on here every day and it’s been taking up a lot of my time. I think I’ve just not been confident so I gave up. I will hopefully be getting back to it soon.

Read More Books

I miss reading. I just don’t put the time into reading. When I was younger I used to be reading like 60 to 100 books a year. Now I’m lucky if I read one that is not for school. So I’ve been setting aside more time to read.

Get A Tattoo

I have been wanting to get a tattoo for like a year now. I think I just don’t find the time to do it. I don’t think about it or forget so it never gets done.

Lose Weight

I have been on a weight loss journey since September. So I’m just trying to stay motivated to continue. I will probably make a post about this at some point. I want to dedicate a whole post or video to my weight loss journey.

So here it is, my bucket list. What are some of you guy’s summer bucket list ideas? Are some of mine on your list?

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12 Hour Greyhound Trip / My Review – Day #21

Hey everyone!

So I took a 12-hour Greyhound a couple of weeks ago. As you may know, this is not the first time I’ve taken a Greyhound. I used to take them all the time to go visit my boyfriend. Those trips were about 2 hours. This time I took a 12-hour trip.

So it was miserable. I hate saying that but it really was. I always had great experiences with travelling with Greyhound before this trip. Some of these things are out of Greyhound’s control though.

I started by taking an overnight trip. I took the bus late at night and I was travelling from Montreal to Philadelphia. So that meant that I had a border check, gas stop and a transfer. It was horrible. I only got about 3 hours of sleep. I was woken up every 2 hours for the border stop and the gas stop then a transfer. I was exhausted.

That was of course out of Greyhound’s control that I had a hard time sleeping. That is not on them. The bus was at the perfect temperature, the outlets worked, the wifi worked and the bus driver was awesome.

It was the ride back home that was what really ruined the whole trip. I literally wanted to cry it was so bad. It started off with my first boarding being late. Now, usually, I don’t really care about late boarding. I’ve never had a problem with missing a bus because of a late bus. Of course, though, I was first in line and I had to go to the bathroom. The line was long and if I left for the bathroom I had no idea if I would miss the boarding or I would be last to board.

Now there is a bathroom on the bus so I just toughed it out and waiting to board. Once I boarded found my seat and waited for us to leave I really had to go. The minute I was about to book it to the bathroom I did. The bathroom light didn’t work which should have been my first clue. I went to the bathroom and there was only like one sheet of toilet paper. Ugh. Then, my pant leg felt wet. I was confused so I opened the flashlight on my phone and to my horror, there was someone else’s poop everywhere! When I say everywhere I mean everywhere! It was on the seat, on the floor, on the wall. It was just so gross. On top of that, it was now on me. I did the best to take off what I could with the one sheet of toilet paper. I just had to tough it out till my transfer.

Once I got to New York City, where my transfer was, I ran to the bathroom to clean myself up. At this point, I was tired, grossed out and just wanted to cry! I was googling the greyhound complaint email. It was actually a phone number so it had to wait.

The last leg of the journey was just long. The gas stop in Albany New York was disgusting. It smelt like a bad vagina. Like it was horrendous. Everything there didn’t work or had diseases on it, no joke. I am not someone that is necessarily bougie or think that they are better than anyone. I’ve been poor. I do have self-worth though and this was not okay.

I finally made it home to the Montreal station and could have not been happier! I was so excited to just home be and able to sleep and eat.

The funny part is that I will take a Greyhound again. It may be long but it’s always worth the trip. I was actually thinking of taking a trip to New York City or Atlantic City sometime soon. My anxiety was the best it had ever been during the trip. I was honestly so proud of myself that I did it. My travel anxiety getting better is a topic for another day.

Have any of you guys taken a trip with Greyhound? If so, how was your experience?

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Book Thrifting? – Day #20

Hey everyone!

I went book thrifting! That actually wasn’t the plan but it’s just what happened. I was originally going to do a thrift haul for you guys but it didn’t work out. There’s not many thrift stores where I’m from and they don’t usually get a lot of nice things. Or well things that I would want.

They did have books though! I’m a bit of a book snob if I’m being honest. I love to buy new books because I hate when books are used. I just don’t like when pages are ripped or creased or stained. The irony is that I love to write in books.


I quickly went through the book section not really thinking about it. Then I saw the book. I mentioned this books in my Summer Reading List. I found The Devil Wears Prada by Lauren Weisberger. The Devil Wears Prada is actually one of my favourite movies of all time. I’ve been wanting to read the book since I, well, found out it was a book. Working for Vogue is a dream of mine since I was about 15 years old.

After I found that book I decided it was time to see if they had any other books I’ve been wanting to pick up but have been having a hard time finding. The books were also like a 1$! If that means I don’t have to pay full price for a book I love it.


I found the Fallen series by Thomas E. Sniegoski and Bellevue Square Michael Redhill. I think I paid a total of maybe 5 dollars for everything. That’s insane! Both The Devil Wears Prada and Bellevue Square look like they haven’t even been used! The Fallen series has a bit of writing in it but I think that’s cute.

I’m super impressed with what I picked up and I plan on going back soon. My mind has completely changed on used books. Maybe because it’s so cheap. All these books are about 20$ Canadian each and I paid 5$. If I can save money I love it.

Have any of you guys ever picked up any used books? If so how was your experience? Were you happy with what you got?

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The Summer I Turned Pretty Book Review – Day #18

Hey everyone!

So I read a book haha. I love reading but I don’t get the time to read as much I would love to. So when I finally had the chance to read this book I thought I would review it for you guys.


So I got this bind up version of the first three books in the Summer I Turned Pretty series. I have finished the first book in the series. I got the book for like 7$ USD at Target. I thought it was worth the price, especially when books can run 10$ each.

I loved this book! I thought it was sweet and had the amazing reflection on what first love can do to us. The writing was easy and fun, the characters are relatable and the themes are important. It was the best summer read I could have picked up. It just made me want to go to the beach right that second.

I know this book didn’t get the best reviews because it’s predictable and some people think the main character is selfish. For the main character being selfish, I found her realistic. I remember being 15-16 and feeling the same way she did about her first love. For the predictability of the book, I don’t think that necessarily makes a book bad. I just find it was an easy read and easy to get sucked in.

I read the whole book in one sitting during a 12-hour bus ride. It made everything go faster. It was so easy to get lost in this book. I recommend it to anyone that just wants an easy short read that will give you all the feels. My friend is actually the one that suggested this book to me and I thank her for introducing this book series to me. I’m going to try and review the next two books in the series too if you’re interested in that.

If you want to pick up this book you can find it here on the CHAPTERS or TARGET website. Honestly, it’s summer goals.

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Top 5 Summer Health Tips – Day #17

Hey everyone!

I don’t think I talk about this much but living a healthy lifestyle is very important to me. I think it’s something that a lot of people don’t make time for when they really should. Winter is the time where people make more of an effort just because it’s easier to get sick. It’s important to keep healthy habits even during the summer


I think I talk about this a bit or at least mentioned my favourite sunscreen. Protecting your skin from the sun. The older you get the more at risk you are for skin cancer. As much as all my friends around me tell me that you can’t live your life in fear you can take two seconds to put on some sunscreen. I always recommend sunscreen that is organic and has ingredients you understand. It also helps with the discolouration of skin, sun rays make scars more prominent.


Drink water, hydrate! I know everyone hears this all the time but it really is important. If you don’t want to suffer a heat stroke or dehydration just drink some water. I always carry around a water bottle with me. That way it keeps me accountable with how much water I’m drinking. I just have one that came in a pack from Costco. There’s 24 oz in it. I try to drink two to three whole bottles a day. If I’m out in the sun for a lot of the day I try and drink more.

Physical Activity

Working out is always a good idea but I know a lot of people hate working out. So I suggest doing some light activity. I like to do Yoga every morning. (Or when I get my ass out of bed early enough) It’s not too hot yet and it’s quiet. It’s just a great experience. If you can drag out a yoga mat to your backyard and just spend a few minutes soaking up the fresh air then you will be feeling better than ever.


Vitamins are an iffy things. I’m no doctor but honest it’s important to be taking the supplements you need. I take the 1 A Day Woman vitamins because it has everything I need. I suggest talking to a doctor or pharmacist to see what could be best for you. I see a difference when I take my vitamins. I feel like my immune system is stronger and I don’t get as sick as often. It’s something I highly recommend looking into.

Your Diet

What you eat is really important to feel healthy. During the summer I feel like I gravitate towards fresh fruit and vegetables. It’s the perfect season to buy certain things. I find fruits and veggies are cheaper during this season. At the end of the day like the quote goes, you can’t outrun a bad diet. The best way to feel healthy during the summer is to skip the fast food and eat fresh food.

Well, I hope all these tips help you guys. I would love to hear you guy’s tips if you have some! Here’s to a happy and healthy summer.

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