It’s Pride Month and I’m Pansexual!

Hey everyone!

So today is Wednesday June 5th 2019. The 5th of June has historically been associated with Pansexual Awareness Day out of the 30 days of Pride Month. I have been open about my sexuality for a very long time and my family has been amazing and loving from the start.

As today is a day to celebrate being out and proud it always has me reflecting on the people who don’t have that luxury. I am so lucky that I not only live in a country that has allowed legal marriage since 2005 but has a family that loves me regardless of my sexuality. There are so many people that have to watch from a distance while we get to celebrate.

This pride month I am making it my mission to help my local charities that support LGBTQ+ members. I want to make sure those we are still in the “closet” or who have been abandoned by their family still get the love and support they need.

I’ve always been one to think of others in times of celebration. To me, no one should be celebrating when there are people who can’t.

So I would love if members of the LGBTQ+ family, allies, whoever remembers those who aren’t celebrating this month. Please help charities that work hard to help those in need, specifically LGBTQ+ charities this month.

Let’s make sure everyone feels the love even if they can’t.

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