Welcome to Clara Caroline Le Bel // We’re Relaunching Baby!!

Hey everyone!

If you haven’t noticed, this blog has had a bit of a remodel. We are no longer Collecting Glitter any longer. With so much excitement in my heart, I’ve decided to change my blog to just my name: Clara Caroline Le Bel.

I really was starting to feel stuck being Collecting Glitter. I created the name Collecting Glitter over 2 years ago. I realized I have grown out of the name very quickly. I felt like it just made more sense to make me my own brand.

Collecting Glitter will always hold a special place in my heart but I feel like as a 20-year-old woman it was time to branch out to a more mature blog.

I talk more about it on my Youtube page. I hope that this new chapter for my blog and social media. I will see you on my regular upload day.

You can find me here! Also, make sure to subscribe to my emailing list!!

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