My No Spend November Tips // Blogtober Day #6

Hey everyone!

I’m a crazy person. I have decided that a long time ago, but I thought I would just share it with you guys. I decided to do a no spend November. I understand if the minute you read that you decided to just get out of here. You could also be saying “Clara…I think you’re confused…it’s October.” That is correct my lovely friends, it is indeed October. I just need a lot of planning and mental preparation for November.

I have decided in the month of November I will not be spending any money on things that are not budgeted. To clarify I will be paying my bills, buying groceries and probably spending out of the Christmas budget. Other than that, I will not be buying anything else. No take out, no clothes, no things for fun. I will not be wasting any money on things I don’t need but convince myself that I need because I want it. You feel me? So, I thought since I am preparing for a no spend November that maybe I should share some tips for you guys in case you are planning and doing the same.

What is your motivation?

I think this is more of setting yourself up for success more than a tip. I think it’s important for you to have a real reason for a no spend month. If you don’t know why you’re doing it, it’s easier to make a mistake and mess up. My boyfriend and I want to go on a trip, so we need to save up some money to do that. After looking at my bank account I realized that I need to stop spending and be making money. My motivation is being on the beach somewhere sometime in January. I can’t tell you your motivation. I can tell you thought it has to be something that will motivate you enough for you to put that new item down and say you want something else more.

Look at your expenses

Before going into a no spend month I suggest looking at your bank account and see where your money is going. When I decided to do this, I was seeing my savings account dropping like flies and didn’t know why. When I looked at everything I was spending my money on I realized that I was basically just wasting money. I was going to the expensive grocery store a lot just to buy quick meals because I didn’t feel like cooking.  I also bought a lot of fast food. Worst of all I was buying things just to treat myself. If I want to be able to save more money this month I can’t just be treating myself. Looking at your expenses will put everything in a bigger picture. It will also help you pinpoint your weak spots. Where does your money go? So, the next time you want to buy take out or get expensive snacks or whatever your money trigger is, think again.

Have a budget

This may sound a bit crazy but know a budget. The last time I went grocery shopping I calculated practically down to the last cent how much it was going to cost me. By doing that it helped me not just add things to the cart because they looked good. I made a meal plan added everything to the list that I needed to get and saw how much it would cost me. I said that was the max amount I was paying for groceries for the next two week and I stuck to it. I will be doing this from now on. I found that it helped me a lot when I stuck to a list. I also price match and coupon which helps out a lot. This can go for everything else that you need to spend money on that month. If you can’t get out of paying 80$ for your bus ticket or 50$ for your phone, put that in the budget. Be aware of what needs to be spent and tell yourself you can’t go over that amount.

Tell other people/ do it with someone

I think this is one of my most helpful tips. It is proven that you are more likely to accomplish something if you have other people motivating you. I am doing no spend November with my boyfriend, so we get to support each other when it’s difficult. If you have a close friend or even a significant other or family that you can get on board to not spend it will be way easier. It can also become a bit of a competition to see who will crack first. Get someone to join you and you will most likely succeed.

These are some of my no spend November tips.  I would love to hear if any of you guys are planning on not spending this November. If so are there any tips that I missed? I would love to hear from you guys.

I will see you guys tomorrow.

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