My Student Planner // 2018-2019

Hey everyone!

I have some super exciting news for everyone! The day has finally come! My student planner is live on Etsy! You can get it for 5$ which is super cheap compared to the other student planners out there.

I really wanted to have a student planner this year but I just couldn’t find one in my price range or that I liked. So, I created my own student planner for all of you. My student planner is super easy to use and you can print it as many times as you want.

I have everything including teacher and classmate contact pages, a homework schedule, a monthly and daily goal page and so much more. I desired a planner that was both easy to use and had everything I needed to get my ass into gear and get organized. I am someone that thrives the best when I am organized. I had a feeling some of you guys are as well. So that is why I created this planner.

Most of my competitors are selling their plan for 10 to 20$ so just for you guys mine is at 5$. You should get it while this offer lasts. Why pay the hefty price tag when you can grab this one for just 5$!


My art classes really came in handy while creating this baby. Everything is made by me personally. I will also be taking requests for custom colours too. I’m really excited to hear what you guys think. Will you guys be picking one up?

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