Splash Botanics Is In Canada // A Review

Hey everyone!!

So something very exciting happened yesterday! I got Zoe Sugg’s Splash Botanic’s beauty line in the mail today! I have been wanting these products since they came out. of course, living in Canada makes it just that much harder though. So I thought I would give a bit of a review/first impressions of the products.


I bought as much of the collection as I could get my hands on. I would have bought everything except I don’t have a bath in my new place and I wouldn’t be able to use those products.

I think to start I want to talk about the price. Everything in this collection is very affordable. I think that was a really cool plus. I know Zoe had a “scandal” with her calendar being very expensive. I honestly have to agree with Zoe not having much of a say on the prices. Everything she sells independently are super reasonable in price.

First thing first the actual scent. I love it. I was really nervous with all the reviews that I would not love the scent. I am very happy to confirm that the scent is very light and fresh. I think it’s perfect for the summer.

Botanic’eau’s container is made of glass and is an awesome size. I was very happily surprise thinking it would be a lot smaller. I’m in love with the packaging. I have a feeling that this is going to my favourite perfume for the next few months.


Quench Me body sorbet is the body cream that comes with the line. I think the pot is such a cool way to package body cream. There is about 200ml in the container and that is about as much as any other body cream I’ve ever bought. I thought because of the size of the container there wouldn’t be much product.


I haven’t tried the Make A Splash moisturizing body wash. When I opened it the body wash smelled like all the other products. I’m very excited to try a moisturizing body wash with a thick creamy consistency. I don’t think I’ve ever really tried any body wash like that.


Last but not least the newest addition to the Zoella Beauty creations, So Soft lip oil. I love this already. It smells different from the rest of the collection. The oil smells more like watermelon. It doesn’t taste overwhelmingly on the lips which is super important to me. I love the applicator finding it super easy to put on the lips. It’s also an applicator I see more in high-quality items. It looks like a clear lip gloss on the lips without being sticky. It doesn’t wear off when you eat either.


All in all, I am so happy that I finally have these products in my hands. I feel like this collection is way better than her original collection in terms of the quality of the products. I found the original collection very drying and this one very hydrating. I recommend anyone that is a fan of Zoella or just looking for a very summer-y scent.

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