Why Did I Do This? – Day #31

Hey everyone!

My 30 days of blogging has come to an end. Today is my last day. I thought I would wrap this up with my reasons behind doing a 30 day of blogging. I gave a bit of an intro to my 30 days of blogging right before starting but never made a blog post about it.

I want to begin with what my mindset was a month ago. I knew I had not been posting often and I felt really bad. I was in this bit of a grunt were I wasn’t very motivated and I was feeling really discouraged. I was off my posting schedule and I was just posting content just to post. I was feeling ashamed.

Due to me moving I had taken a mini break from posting on my blog to focus on moving in and adjusting to living with someone else. After I adjusted I just wasn’t ready to go back to writing on this blog so I took more time off. By the time I told myself I need to start posting I just wasn’t into it anymore. I had no motivation to do it.

I had actually been planning to do another month of blogging back during the school year. I knew that over the summer I would have the time to dedicate to my blog. So I had all the posts for July already planned and all I had to do was do it. So I decided maybe it would be the push I need to start blogging again and it was.

I know have a deeper understanding for how hard it is to be a full-time blogger or just a blogger in general. It is not easy to give 100% of creativity at all time. I give props to any blogger who doesn’t give up and keeps blogging even when they are feeling unmotivated. I also think it’s okay to say that you can’t do it and you need a break. Blogging takes a lot out of you.

Now what? I am more motivated than ever to go back to blogging. I love it and I need reminders like these that force me to blog to remember. I feel like I’m someone that needs to think other’s are expecting something from me to stay on track. I also believe that it is way harder for bloggers with low follow counts to stay motivated. The more I blog the more people start to follow or read my posts and the more I am motivated to continue.

I am hoping to get back on my blogging schedule and work more and more on my blog and social media. I really want to push and stay motivated to grow my blog. It get’s hard when you don’t believe in yourself. I believe I am the only person that is in control of where my blog goes and I will be doing what I can to get it to where I want it to be.

So anyways this is why I decided to blog for a month. Will I ever do it again? Most likely. Do I think it’s hard? Yes. Do I think it’s worth it? For sure. Now I want to hear from you guys. Would you guys ever blog for a month just to get back your blogging juices?

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