12 Hour Greyhound Trip / My Review – Day #21

Hey everyone!

So I took a 12-hour Greyhound a couple of weeks ago. As you may know, this is not the first time I’ve taken a Greyhound. I used to take them all the time to go visit my boyfriend. Those trips were about 2 hours. This time I took a 12-hour trip.

So it was miserable. I hate saying that but it really was. I always had great experiences with travelling with Greyhound before this trip. Some of these things are out of Greyhound’s control though.

I started by taking an overnight trip. I took the bus late at night and I was travelling from Montreal to Philadelphia. So that meant that I had a border check, gas stop and a transfer. It was horrible. I only got about 3 hours of sleep. I was woken up every 2 hours for the border stop and the gas stop then a transfer. I was exhausted.

That was of course out of Greyhound’s control that I had a hard time sleeping. That is not on them. The bus was at the perfect temperature, the outlets worked, the wifi worked and the bus driver was awesome.

It was the ride back home that was what really ruined the whole trip. I literally wanted to cry it was so bad. It started off with my first boarding being late. Now, usually, I don’t really care about late boarding. I’ve never had a problem with missing a bus because of a late bus. Of course, though, I was first in line and I had to go to the bathroom. The line was long and if I left for the bathroom I had no idea if I would miss the boarding or I would be last to board.

Now there is a bathroom on the bus so I just toughed it out and waiting to board. Once I boarded found my seat and waited for us to leave I really had to go. The minute I was about to book it to the bathroom I did. The bathroom light didn’t work which should have been my first clue. I went to the bathroom and there was only like one sheet of toilet paper. Ugh. Then, my pant leg felt wet. I was confused so I opened the flashlight on my phone and to my horror, there was someone else’s poop everywhere! When I say everywhere I mean everywhere! It was on the seat, on the floor, on the wall. It was just so gross. On top of that, it was now on me. I did the best to take off what I could with the one sheet of toilet paper. I just had to tough it out till my transfer.

Once I got to New York City, where my transfer was, I ran to the bathroom to clean myself up. At this point, I was tired, grossed out and just wanted to cry! I was googling the greyhound complaint email. It was actually a phone number so it had to wait.

The last leg of the journey was just long. The gas stop in Albany New York was disgusting. It smelt like a bad vagina. Like it was horrendous. Everything there didn’t work or had diseases on it, no joke. I am not someone that is necessarily bougie or think that they are better than anyone. I’ve been poor. I do have self-worth though and this was not okay.

I finally made it home to the Montreal station and could have not been happier! I was so excited to just home be and able to sleep and eat.

The funny part is that I will take a Greyhound again. It may be long but it’s always worth the trip. I was actually thinking of taking a trip to New York City or Atlantic City sometime soon. My anxiety was the best it had ever been during the trip. I was honestly so proud of myself that I did it. My travel anxiety getting better is a topic for another day.

Have any of you guys taken a trip with Greyhound? If so, how was your experience?

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