My Food Shopping Haul – Day #19

Hey everyone!

I love food! I love food so much. I think it is my favourite thing ever. So when I moved out and I started having to buy my own food, I got really excited. I am in love with the fact that I am in charge of my own grocery list and what I was eating.

We spend about 40 to 80 dollars each every week or two weeks depending on when we go shopping. Depending on where we shop we can save a bit more money too. If we go to the grocery store up the street we spend more money. If we go to the Walmart a bit further we save a lot more money because you can price match at Walmart. I’ve spoken about this before on my top tips for saving post, price matching saved my life. You can save so much money and shop at one place.

We buy a lot of fruits and vegetables, some meat for him and other little bits and bobs. My boyfriend loves juice and soda so we buy that for him. We have a lot of fruits and veggies for snacks and meals. The meat is mostly for him but I do on occasion eat fish and chicken.


So we just did our shopping and here is what we bought!


Mangos, nectarines, and avacados.



Cucumbers, zucchini, onions, garlic, chives, carrots and Brussel sprouts.



Ground beef, tuna,  chicken breasts, and basa fillets.


Buns, tortillas, and sandwich bread.

Milk products:

Silk almond milk, vegan butter, yogurt, feta cheese, marble cheese, and cheddar singles.


That is the big bulk of what we bought. We also grabbed a few things like sloppy joe packets and salad dressing. I eat vegetarian and my man is still transitioning to vegetarian. The plan is to go vegan one day. He is having a harder time letting go and thinks it’s just easier to eat meat sometimes.

If you guys have any tips for transitioning to veganism I would love to hear them. I’m sorry my fridge is a bit of a mess, I still need to organize it. What do you guys eat? Do you guys do your own shopping?

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