What’s In My Suitcase? – Day #14

Hey everyone!

It’s travelling season up in here! Do you guys need help packing? Do you have no idea what you’re going to need? Are you feeling a bit overwhelmed? Well, you’ve come to the right place. I have all the answers you need!

I like packing light. It’s one of those things that I know serves me well when I travel. Packing light means that I have less to carry and less to worry about. Also, I can bring back more gifts!


I pack an outfit for every day that is there not including the days I’m travelling. I use the same outfit for my travel days. That also helps with not over packing. I always bring outfits I know I will wear too. Nothing new, nothing that is risky, just safe clothing that will be comfortable and easy to wear.

I only bring extra underwear and socks just in case something happens. Other than that I feel like there is no need to pack more clothes. I also bring one sweater and one extra dress in case of a fancy dinner.


I put everything including the purse and shoes I will be wearing in my luggage. I don’t have a pocket in the suitcase so I use the two exterior ones. In the smaller pocket, I put my toiletries. It’s actually a lot bigger than it looks and fits everything perfectly. In the bigger pocket, I put my underwear, socks, bras and bathing suit.


My carry on is another story. I have all the extras in there. I have my computer, notebook, books, chargers and water bottle in the big pocket. I put my headphones, wallet, some Tylenol, sunglasses, a face mask and my travelling documents. I keep so much stuff in my carry on because I am a low-key a hoarder. So I guess that is my excessive packing making an appearance.


I hope this helps you guys if you’re packing for a trip.

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