My Beach Bag Essentials – Day #10

Hey everyone!

It’s beach weather baby! The heat wave is coming to an end. We can finally go outside without feeling gross. I thought I would share with you guys what I have in my beach bag for this summer.


I think it always starts with the bag that you choose. I chose an American Eagle bag that I find is big enough to carry everything and light. I have been using this bag forever. It’s one of the best bags I’ve used when it comes to beach essentials. I’m pretty sure it’s the bag I talked about last year.

I also bring deodorant and sunscreen. Now the deodorant part may seem a little funny. I bring deodorant because I sweat a lot. I just don’t like smelling like BO so I always have some deodorant on. I’ve talked about this guy before in my skincare post. It’s the brand I’m currently using. I think it has the best coverage and just smells so good. My only problem with Secret is that it is not cruelty-free and uses some questionable ingredients.


A water bottle and a book are super important! You need to stay hydrated and entertained. I drink a lot of water as is. I just love feeling hydrated and I can tell when I haven’t had enough to drink. I always bring a water bottle that has these reusable ice cubes in them. I got these ice cubes at the Dollarstore and they are a dream. I love how it doesn’t water down and doesn’t alter the taste of my drink. So I plop those in before leaving for any outdoor activity. I also bring a book for when I’m just chilling on the sand. I like to get reading done when I’m on the beach. I find it the most peaceful and relaxing time to read. I talk about this book on my Summer Reading List blog post.


Now, this has to go without saying, I bring a bathing suit and cover-up in my bag. My bathing suit and cover-up are from La Vie en Rose. I can only buy bathing suits from lingerie stores because I have boobs. Regular stores don’t make bathing suits for people with big boobs.

So this is everything that I have in my beach bag. I’m not a huge fan of the beach but these things make me feel better about going. I hope some of these things inspire your own beach bags.

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