My Everyday Summer Makeup Look – Day #8

Hey everyone!

I am no beauty guru. I am actually shit at makeup if you haven’t seen my Blogmas post. I love makeup put for whatever reason I just can’t perform. I also don’t super follow beauty trends. I just wear what I like.


Okay, I lied. I follow one trend and it’s the brands that beauty gurus use. I bought a Fenty Beauty concealer in the shade Bamboo. I gave it an awesome review here. I also have the Naked 2 palette.

All the products I used for this look are cruelty-free. I am a strong believer in using cruelty-free products. I don’t understand how you can test a product on an animal. It’s not fair to them and it’s just so evil.


I like to keep my makeup light. I don’t like when I have heavy makeup on during the summer. I know it comes off anyway. I do the same smokey slash brown eye-defying look.


I use the shades Tease and Busted in the crease and then Half Baked all over the lid and corner. I use the Naked 2 pallette for this. You can get it here. I feel like these colours really play off my eye colour. I then use just an Elf mascara. It’s funny that this 3$ mascara is one of the best mascara’s I used. I just think it lifts my lashes and keeps them separated. I highly recommend elf mascara if you are looking for something cheap.


I’ve talked about this liquid lip on multiple occasions. This is my go to and it has been for months now. I got it for Christmas and I swear I have used it every day since. I just love how creamy and beautiful The Body Shop’s liquid lips are. They go on so easy and stay for hours. Again I highly recommend if you’re looking for something that is cruelty-free and you know will be a staple in your makeup collection.


Fenty Beauty is one of my go-to concealers if I want something light and to just colour correct my skin. The colour is an exact colour match for my tan during the summer. I’d have to buy something lighter for the winter season. You can get it here if you still haven’t tried it yet.

I know I’m not exactly the best beauty guru or blogger. I just enjoy playing around with makeup and for me, that is enough.

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