My Summer Skin Essentials

Hey everyone!

Summer weather is here and taking care of our skin is very important. If your someone like me that loves when my skin is vibrant and healthy during the summer than I have a list of my favourite products. I have been using these products forever. They are my holy grail summer skincare items.



This is my go-to face wash. The only thing with Cetaphil is that it can be very harsh so I always recommend being careful. I also don’t use it every day. The awesome thing is with this face wash is that leaves my skin not oily yet hydrated. That is what I’m looking for when I wash my face.

Face Mask

This is my favourite face mask brand, Stone Spa! They are also so so so cheap at 1$ Canadian. I love how these mask work. I have combination skin so I need face masks that won’t hydrate too much or dry out too much. So I like that these masks are the best of both worlds. Much like my Cetaphil face wash, these masks leave my skin feeling hydrated but not oily.

Lush Face Cream

I have a sample of this face cream and I’ve been trying it out. I like it a lot. It’s again the right mix of hydrating without being oily. I find Lush really expensive so I always buy their gift boxes when I get birthday money. I find it’s the best way to try some of their products without breaking the bank. In one of the boxes, I got this face cream. If you want to splurge a bit I suggest trying this baby out.

Bath and Body Works Body Oil

How many times can I talk about Bath and Body Works before you guys are done with me? I’m sorry it’s the most affordable skincare brand and it’s also cruelty-free. That’s something that is really important to me! So when I tried out this oil I realized I was in love. This hydrates my Keratosis Pilaris so nicely. Skin oil is great for people with really dry skin patches. It leaves my skin so soft it’s insane. Recommend 100%!


Bath and Body Works Cream

Again another Bath and Body Works product. I swear I’m not sponsored or given things by them. I have only had a good experience with their body cream. I have very sensitive skin and I get allergic reactions really easily or break out into rashes. I have never once had that problem with Bath and Body Works and that’s what makes them one of my favourite brands. Their cream is very hydrating and my go to when I have a sunburn. My skin doesn’t peel and stops hurting after using it. It’s the best after sun I’ve ever used.


Sun Screen

I love this sunscreen, Aloe Up Sunscreen Lotion. It’s not sticky or oily or smells too strong. It’s also made with aloe vera and cocoa butter which is so cool. I love how it smells too, it’s fresh and coconut-y without screaming sunscreen for everyone that is not a huge fan of the smell of sunscreen.


I hope this helps everyone with taking care of their skin this summer. Do you guys have any products that you guys love for the summer? I would love to hear from you guys.

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