Mother’s Day // 2018

Hey everyone!

Happy Mother’s Day! I wanted to come on here and wish everyone a lovely and relaxing Mother’s Day. I know today can be a very touchy subject for some people for a various amount of reasons, so I’m sending so much love to those people.

I thought I would share a bit about my own Mother. My Mom and I are like best friends. She has always been the person I turned to the most. I have been so blessed in my life to be able to have such a good relationship with my Mom.


My Mom is wild and spunky and out there. She loves essential oils, crystals, meditation and wands. She is the most beautiful and loving soul I have ever been able to meet in my life. I hope to be as brilliant of a Mom as she is.


She’s the kind of Mom that let me skip school to go see New Moon. Yes, the second Twilight movie. My Mom has always been someone who bent the rules when it came to parenting and that created the most open relationship. I can tell my Mom anything because I know that she will love me to the day I die.


Just us serving some looks. WHO allowed me to have those bangs?


Though I didn’t see my Mom today I still wanted to share my love and admiration for her. (We will be doing something special this week) Happy Mother’s Day Mom! I love you so much. You are my everything!

Clara 🙂


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