Earth Day 2018 – 18 Things You Need to Start Doing Now

Happy Earth Day everyone!! Today is a very important day that we need to take more seriously. Global warming is happening we are the only thing that can save our Earth. I made of list of 18 things you need to start doing now. With no further ado the list:

Let’s End the consumption of plastic

  • Platic is ending up in our oceans so quickly there’s an island made entirely of trash. This should make you made and if it doesn’t you aren’t listening. Plastic is a huge polluter and is destroying our environment. Animals are eating plastic killing them. Stop buying things that are made of plastic or wrapped in plastic. Take a stand and demand companies use less plastic. If you do purchase plastic make sure it’s disposed of properly.


Let’s stop eating meat and other things that pollute the earth

  • As much as people don’t want to be told they should stop eating meat, it’s true. The production of meat is one of the biggest pollution culprits. The amount of water wasted just to take care of these mass produced animals is horrific. The mass production of animals also has devastating effects on the planet let alone your health. We also over fish our sealife leaving certain species unable to repopulate. It’s time to start thinking of eating less meat.

Let’s take care of our environment

  • I remember last year there was an article that went up saying that the Great Barrier Reef was officially completely dead. I had never been so scared. The Great Barrier Reed, the Amazon and many other natural features of this earth are slowly dying because we don’t take care of them. The Amazon keeps getting torn down (for the production of meat by the way) and the Great Barrier Reef is almost dead. A lot of wildlife depend on these places existing and people stopped caring.

Let’s shop locally and start upcycling

  • Stop buying from large companies, they do not have the environment in mind. They are using children in poor countries and tearing down forests for their own gain. When you buy from a large chain you are giving money to the CEO to fly their private jet on vacation when you buy from local companies you are helping a family eat that week. Always support your local stores and vendors. Also, buy things second hand and donate. This helps so much in diminishing the amount of waste.


Let’s take a walk

  • Stop driving places that are 5 minutes away. Take the 20 minutes to walk there. You won’t be wasting gas and polluting the environment and you will get some good exercise in. Walking or taking your bike is always the best way to go. If you can walk there don’t take the car out.

Let’s stop wasting water

  • Take fewer baths and shorter showers are always the top thing recommended it. If that doesn’t interest you just turn off the faucet when you’re brushing your teeth. Also, make sure nothing is leaking in your house, that can waste gallons of water. Like mentioned earlier eat less meat. It is predicted that we will run out of drinking water. Don’t be someone that helps that come earlier than it has to.

Let’s pull out those recycling and compost bins

  • Recycle everything you can. If it doesn’t have to be thrown out reuse it. Don’t throw food in the trash but rather in the compost. I don’t even think I have to explain why you should recycle and compost. I think this is on the of the more obvious things you should do.


Let’s get involved

  • Join a local or worldwide organization that is fighting for our environment. Also, a lot of organizations like Greenpeace are very active on social media, make sure to see what they are up to. Just staying up to date on what these groups are doing keeps you aware. If they are doing something local always get involved. Sometimes you have to boycott companies or plant trees but it’s worth it.

Let’s turn those lights off

  • When you are leaving your home for the day make sure the lights are off. It’s a waste of energy and can break the budget. Another good tip is to change your light bulbs to energy efficient ones. Light bulbs release heat that can make the home warmer causing the air conditioning to go up. It’s important to keep all these things down.

Let’s bring our bags to the supermarket

  • I live in Montreal where a law passed that companies will no longer be allowed to give out plastic bags you have to bring your reusable bags. Like mentioned earlier plastic is horrible for the environment. So stop getting them at the supermarket and just bring your own bags. Bringing your own bags reduces the amount of plastic you are using. You can even get your own fruit and veggie bags so you don’t have to use the plastic ones. If you live in Canada like I do it saves you the 5 cents per bag you have to pay for the plastic ones.

Let’s use our local transit

  • Local transit is there for a reason. Using a bus or train saves however many people can fit on a bus from driving their own care. That makes a huge impact at the end of the day when it comes to gas emissions. If you can try and see what your area offers in terms of local transit. I use the bus every day instead of buying my own car. I am lucky to live in an area that allows me to do that. If you don’t need a car, don’t use one.


Let’s make a garden

  •  Grow some of your own food so you don’t buy them from large chains. This helps save money and the environment. Creating more plants helps with H2O emissions. It all falls back on not buying from large corporations that do some very un-eco-friendly things to get their fruits and veggies. Also buying produce locally or having your own means less travel for the food. They don’t have to cross oceans on boats or fly in planes or travel by truck. That means less carbon footprint.

Let’s plant some trees

  • Much like the last point, plant some trees. It’s not that hard to buy some trees and put them in your backyard. Maybe you want some more privacy instead of buying a plastic fence put in some plants. There are also a bunch of groups that go out and plant trees. The more trees are cut the down the less H2O we have. It’s important to replace what is being taken down. If you can do your part, you should for sure try.

Let’s not waste food

  • A lot of food is thrown out every year for no other reason than it doesn’t look pretty. Food that is either too small, too big, ugly, etc is wasted. There are programs to collect that food and sell it at a reduced price. At least it won’t be thrown out. It’s better to buy things that don’t look how they should but taste the same than throwing it out. I do know the store I work for does sell “ugly” fruit and veggies at a reduced price. More places should be doing this. If you’re interested I really suggest taking a look at They send boxes full of reject food to you. You get to choose how much you want. It’s different every week. Unfourtanitly, there are no similar companies here in Canada, which makes me really upset.


Let’s check the ingredients in our makeup

  • Natural makeup is becoming more and more popular with more people wanting to know what is in their makeup. There are a lot of toxic ingredients that can be found in makeup that is bad for you and the environment. If you can’t read the ingredients it’s probably not great for you. Palm oil can be found in a lot of makeup products. To get palm oil a lot of orangutans, elephants and rhinos are affected by this.

Let’s stop overconsuming

  • Overconsumption is one of the biggest things North America and Europe is plagued with. We just keep buying. Overconsumption is bad for our environment. It’s time we stop buying things we don’t need just to fit in. You don’t need those things and they always end up laying around when they aren’t cool anymore. We have a problem with things like clothing and interior design going out of trend as quickly as in comes in. Don’t fall into the trap.

Let’s say no to junk mail

  • Say no to junk mail. Just call up the companies that are sending the mail to you and say you don’t want it anymore. There are also a few companies that help to get junk mail to stop being sent to your place. Junk mail is a waste of paper and gas to be sent to your place. It’s one way to cut down on your paper use and carbon footprint. If you can junk mail to stop showing up at your door I highly recommend it. Also if you can switch some of your mail, like bank statements, to online it will change your life.


Let’s reuse those batteries

  • Last but not least buy reusable batteries. This is something I have switched too and I didn’t really know why. All the environmental activists were telling us to switch so I did. I then did my research to see what the real reason behind the switch. There are chemicals in batteries that are very toxic, a widely known fact. When you just throw out batteries in the trash those batteries break and can end up in our water and in the ground. It poisons the earth. So it’s better to get batteries that can be recharged so you don’t have to throw them out.


So here are 18 things you guys need to do now to save the environment. I would love to hear any other suggestions you guys have or what you guys are doing to save the environment.

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