My Favourite Go-To Vegan Lunch

Hey everyone!
I am no cook but I would love to share with you guys the easiest lunch that I adore. I enjoy cooking but I never seem to have the time. I never get to further my skills. That may be because I wake up 20 minutes before I have to leave for school or it’s pure laziness. So this is my quick lunch that I do at night so it’s ready when I rush out the door.

I start with my veggies of choice. Today I am using red potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, zucchini, and I also grabbed an apple. I love potatoes and find they keep me full the longest when I’m at school. I actually am not a huge fan of carrots unless they are warmed up. I also decided to add an apple so sweeten my meal a bit.

I cut up everything till they are the way I want them. I like big chunks but it’s not necessary. You can cut them however you want. I throw them on some parchment paper on a pan. I drizzle some vegetable oil and then add my seasoning. I like my veggies a bit spicy so I add some cayenne pepper.

I threw them all in there for 30 minutes at 350. You can always change the amount of time to your liking. This recipe is not exact and doesn’t follow a strict set of rules. If that isn’t your cup of tea, my cooking is not for you, haha. I always am just throwing things together and hoping for the best.

Once they’re done I take them out and let them sit for a bit. After they’ve cooled off I put my lunch together in a Tupperware container so I could take it to school the next day. I started with a bottom layer of chilli, then potatoes and zucchini, followed by the carrots and apples.

This is one of the easiest lunches to make. It doesn’t take too long especially when you’re just making one portion. I made two in this video, by the way, you for sure don’t have to make this much. It’s for sure a starchy and calorie dense meal but it’s super filling and very comforting. I love this on a cold day at school when I have a lot of school work that I need to get done.

Make sure to check out my video if you want to see more of this recipe. Send me a message if you’ve tried it. I would love to see you guys recreations.

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