Montreal: A Spring Break Guide from Someone Who Hates the City

If you’re like me and Florida is the last place you want to be this Spring Break, then this is the post for you. If you aren’t interested in getting drunk at noon or getting kidnapped in Florida, then again, this post is for you. If you really don’t want to walk around half naked and risk getting a terminal disease in Miami, this post is definitely for you. If all the things listed above are your thing, well this post is still for you. Just because I enjoy a tea and a book nixay on the drinking, doesn’t mean you have to.

I say this is the blog post for you because this week I am looking at my own city. As much as I would love to travel the world with infinite money, I can’t. So, this Spring Break it’s all about Montreal, Quebec.

If you are anything like me and think your city is the worst and most boring place to exist, you’re in the right place. I would give my left arm not to have to travel into the city, any day. The traffic is terrible, the people are rude and it’s just so…cement-like. (I don’t like cities if you haven’t caught my drift) This is why I decided to do this post. To enjoy my city a bit and maybe it’s time I look at it like a tourist would.

This week I am giving you guys my tip top advice on how to do Montreal this Spring Break. I would also love if you guys commented down below and told you your favourite places in your city. What would you tell people to do if they came from somewhere else?

  1. The Art Museums

The one thing that Montreal for sure does right is art museums. We have a couple of them actually depending on what you want to see. You want to see Modern and Contemporary art, we got that. You want to see classical art, we got that too. It’s a great experience and more times than not it’s free for kids. (TIP: It’s free if you just go see the art pieces that are always there instead of the exclusive collections.) You can spend hours in there just looking at the beautiful and sometimes interesting paintings. You don’t even have to understand art to appreciate this outing.

  1. The Biodome

A classic. I’ve been here so many times it should probably be considered a crime. This is a zoo on a whole other level! Everything is inside which is fantastic for rainy days. You get to go through all the claimants. The best is the tropical one, it really feels like you’re in a rainforest. Also, you get to hang out with penguins towards the end. They are always playing around and really fun to watch. There is a huge array of animals and is very informative. If you just want to kick back and get some cool photos of wildlife, this is the place for you. (TIP: The biodome is close to a space museum and Botanical Garden/Insectarium. You can buy passes for all these places for the day in one package) (DOUBLE TIP: If you are a family of two adults and 3 or less children or a resident of Quebec you can get a discount.)

  1. Sainte Catherine’s Street

Now if you want to shop till you drop, St Catherine’s is the street for you. Close to McGill college, it is an amazing shopping district. It’s our own version of Time Square, just not as flashy and no Broadway. All the stores you know and love are most likely there. You can make a whole day out of it if you really wanted to. (TIP: In Quebec, there is a lot of taxes, make sure to calculate 15% onto everything you buy) St. Catherine’s is the place to see. I honestly recommend always going to the big shopping district of any city. It’s beautiful and chaotic in its own special way.

  1. Old Montreal

If you are looking for a bit of history and very old shit, Old Montreal is the right place. We have a beautiful church that makes it on all the must-see lists, Notre-Dame Basilica. It’s facing the Place D’Arme square that is just as old and interesting. Sainte Paul Street, Place Jacques Cartier, and Bonsecours Market are the best for those cobble street enthusiasts. They have beautiful little boutiques and really show off the New France flair. You will also find overpriced everything, but it is for sure worth the views. It’s timeless and classical in Old Montreal.

  1. La Ronde

I mean how could I not add a theme park. Yes, Montreal has its own theme park! I mean I’m not a fan of roller-coaster or rides in general but I’m sure some of you guys are. It’s big, the lines are long, and it will cost you a fortune just to eat but who doesn’t want to experience Montreal fun? One of the coolest parts is that it’s on an island, sorta. It was man-made. Something you may not know is that this park was built for the Expo 67. Now, if you don’t know what Expo 67 is…well, that’s a problem. Here’s my very short, probably not 100% accurate summary of Expo 67. It was pretty much a world fair where booths from every country got to show off their culture. It was to create world peace or something like that.  Another fun fact, La Ronde has passes that can also get you into any American six-flags. I mean saving money is the one thing that will get me to go somewhere.

  1. La Fontaine Park

The more I write this the more I’m starting to see a lot of similarities between Montreal and New York City. La Fontaine Park has some of the most breath-taking views. It may even remind you of a certain park in New York. I’m not saying any names but…Central Park perhaps. It’s the best place for a nice picnic or a lovely stroll. It’s also a pretty popular spot to take wedding photos. If you had that in mind or something. If March Break is just as miserable and cold as ever in Montreal, then you can probably ice skate. It’s one of those places where if you need to get away and just be with your thoughts it’s perfect.

  1. Centre d’Histoire de Montreal

Another one for all the history buffs out there. Here you can learn all about Montreal’s history. They have all sorts of artifacts and interesting things to go see. It’s also one of the more inexpensive places to go visit if you just want to learn about your new environment. It’s a great place to pop in for an hour on a rainy day. Depending on when you go they show different expositions. A really quaint and cool place. Can be a bit boring for people that have no interest so I really on suggest this to people who care. This is really for the die-hearts or people who don’t mind a quick walk around.

  1. Old Port of Montreal

Free Wi-Fi. I’m joking…only a bit. The Old Port of Montreal is an awesome place to go walk around for a bit. This is also a fun attraction for families. They have some cool actives and plenty of space to run and play. Again, there is the beautiful cobblestone streets and adorable little shops. There is always something to do in the Old Port. The shoreline is also very beautiful to look at. They have a gorgeous Ferris Wheel that looks over the whole port. It’s the perfect place to get an incredible view. Photo ops anyone?

  1. Montreal Olympic Stadium

One of the more devastating things to happen to Montreal was the Olympics. It costs so much for my city. Some other cities that held the Olympics become a ghost town. Montreal, they made the most out of the infrastructures built for the Olympics. You can even go and visit the stadium. The coolest part is the elevator where you can see an awesome view of Montreal. That’s only if you don’t mind heights. If heights and elevators are your worst fear, this is one you should probably opt out of.

  1. The Underground City

The Underground City is the coolest infrastructure you will see.  It’s the best place to get lost for the day. It’s the shopaholic wet dream. An amazing place to just shop and eat till you can’t no more. There are even guided tours for the fun of it. The only complaint I hear from a lot of people is the maps are not accurate and it’s very easy to get lost. I think it’s all part of the fun and magic of the underground, but I guess getting lost is not everyone’s cup of tea.

All in all, Montreal has plenty of things to do and see. As much as I hate cities, I can’t deny that I am lucky to live in a city that has so much culture and love for entertainment. Maybe I’ll even go visit this week if they’re lucky.

I would love to hear what everyone else’s secret gems are from their very own cities. As much as I believe that most people hate the big cities they live in or close to, I’m sure there is at least one positive thing we can all share about them.

Till next week,


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