I Need A Judgment Detox!

I was so so so lucky to meet my spiritual guru the other night in Montreal. My Mother and I have been reading Gabrielle Bernstein’s novels for years now. So on the 13th, we went to go see her talk. It was the most incredible experience.

The only problem…I couldn’t stop judging the girl sitting next to me at a Judgment Detox talk. I don’t like to consider myself a judgmental person. I think a lot of people would say that but if we really look at our behaviour are we really as good as we think? I am open-minded and always fighting for equality so why do I make comments that are judgmental about people I don’t know?

I’ve learned that if someone does something I don’t agree with I automatically think something negative about them. “Why are they telling me how to do my job?” “Why won’t they stop talking, no one wants to hear another story about their cat!” etc. I like to think I am judging them because I want better for them.

But back to my story about the girl sitting next to me. My mother and I paid for VIP so the person sitting next to me did too. We brought two friends with us and we were all sitting in our respective rows. Our friends were lucky enough to get the seats right behind us.

My mother is a very dedicated and an expressive listener, especially when she is listening to spiritual things. So am I, and our friends. My mother is all about that “Amen” and “Yes” while Gabby was talking. The girl sitting next to me could not handle it.

I was judging someone judging my family and friends! Every time my mom would move she would roll her eyes or sigh. If my mom was too loud she would whisper to her friend and they would laugh. It was disturbing my experience because I was annoyed that they were being disrespectful.

Toward the end of the show she was texting and I looked over. I am not someone to read texts but this message just jumped out of me so hard I couldn’t help read it. She was texting a friend that was also at the show somewhere how she couldn’t stand my guru and said she wanted to get out of their as soon as possible.

I was enraged. How dare she not see the brilliance of my guru. How dare she judge my family and friends at a seminar about learning how to stop judging.

I had to take a second and realize I needed to use her steps that she was talking about. Use her book. One of the biggest parts of judging is because something happened to you in your past that makes you judge. This girl judging my family was a wound in my from high school when students use to judge me. I was judging her because I didn’t want my loved ones to feel the pain I felt from her judgment.

I learned at the talk that judgment is not something we want to do. It is a self-protection method. We judge because of our own experiences our own mistakes and wounds. I recommend not only seeing Gabrielle Bernstein live because she is amazing and the most wonderful spiritual leader but you learn. If you are open to learning she will teach you. IF you are open to the universe and her guidance, your life will be changed.


3 thoughts on “I Need A Judgment Detox!

  1. This is really interesting to read and made me reflect on how judgemental I am about other people. It’s a skill that definitely needs practising but maybe one day we will live in a judgement-free world. xx

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