Bookshelf Tour // Youtube Video

I am a reader. Like, hide in a corner, avoid hanging out with people at school kind of reader.  I love getting lost in a book. It makes me feel apart of something. I feel like there are letters on pages and words meant for only me to understand.

I also write in books. I started doing this a bit ago and now I’m addicted. You either love or hate borrowing a book from me. Some people are into reading notes left in books. I for one am one of those people and that is why I write in books.

I collect books. I buy and keep books even when I have no intention of reading them ever again. I am a Class A hoarder when it comes to books. I have a very hard time letting go of books. So that is why I have a bookshelf tour for you guys today.

I go over a bit quickly everything in my bookshelf. So if you guys ever want a more in-depth video or post on my bookshelf I would be more than happy to give you guys one.

I would love to hear some book suggestions that you guys think I would like to read. Or if you guys ever want to hear a review of a book or my thoughts on it, please tell me.


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