I’m a College Student: Through My Eyes

Let’s start with this. I had a bit of anxiety when I sat down for my first class. The last time I went to school full time did not really go too well. I was nervous. I was really scared that I would hate it and drop out again.

For the last couple years of my life, I have struggled with school. I felt unmotivated and just like a failure. I could do a full blog post talking about my struggles with schools if anyone would like.

I was walking around the school between my classes today and felt excited. An emotion that I haven’t felt in years when it came to school. I had walked through the halls of this school a few times when I wasn’t a student here. Now I feel like it’s mine and I am a part of something. It’s like I subconsciously know that I will get the education I need to launch my career. I missed going to school, I missed liking school.

I am hoping that this feeling sticks for the rest of my time in college. It’s nice to wake up in the morning and want to learn. I am finally doing what I want to do. I am getting what I wanted. It took a lot of hard work and dedication but I did it. Here’s to me getting my degree.




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