A Few Words On Resolutions – Blogmas Day #22

Happy Friday everyone!

I don’t think I’ve ever mentioned it on here but I am currently on a fitness journey. I have been since my birthday. I decided that this was the year that I would get back in shape. I want to change my life for the better.

Now that I’m a few months in I am learning my strengths and weaknesses. Weighing myself and seeing the number go down motivates me. Carb-y foods are my enemy.

As I think about new year new me and New Years resolutions, I realized 2018 is going to be my best year. Now I know everyone says that and then our year goes to shit. I unlike everyone else am seeing everything going up. I am going back to college, I am living a healthier lifestyle and I am all around happy.

I don’t need New Year’s resolutions. I am already doing things to improve my life. I don’t need a sill resolution that I won’t commit to. I have life goals, goals bigger than just one year.



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