My Smokey Makeup Look – Blogmas Day #20

So first I would like to say that clearly beauty guru is nowhere in my future. I do may makeup a certain way that doesn’t follow most trends. I have Keratosis Pilarus and I don’t try to cover it. So I don’t do contour or highlighter. I don’t even do my eyebrows. I’m a rebel what can I say?


I decided to keep it simple. I did my usual makeup routine. I colour correct all my red spots. I put concealer on all the places that I want to cover. I don’t use foundation because I don’t cover my whole face. It also looks too thick on my face. I can never get it too work. I top with a powder in my oily spots. My powder fell and cracked while doing this look. I was not happy, not one bit.

I used the Naked Heat and Naked 2 palettes to do my eyes. I also used a Mac shadow in the center of my eyes called “Goldmine.”

I stick to my tried and true Elf mascara. It doesn’t have a name but it’s the mineral infused one. I find it makes my eyelashes look amazing. I don’t wear fake eyelashes so I need a mascara that will give volume to eye lashes.


I used the Mac Auburn lip pencil and some covergirl clear hydrating stick that comes with their Outlasting All Day Lip Color. Everyone maybe into Matte but I do like a gloss. I find the best way to get a “custom” lip gloss color.

This is pretty much an everyday look for me. Does anyone else wear makeup that doesn’t follow trends?


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