Christmas Q&A – Blogmas Day #19

I thought I would do a Christmas Q&A today just for the fun of it. I’ve grabbed these questions off of google. I wasn’t original enough to make up my own questions. Oops.

What is your favourite Christmas memory growing up?

My favourite Christmas memory growing up is traveling. We used to have to travel 8 hours to go see family. I just loved the trip. I got to get away for a week and just spend time relaxing.

If you could spend Christmas traveling, where would you go?

I would go somewhere warm. My goal in life is to spend Christmas on a beach somewhere not dealing with the cold, wet, stress that is northern Christmas.

What is the best present you have ever gotten?

I’ve been very fortunate in my life and have gotten everything on my list for many years. I think the best gift I’ve gotten was one I didn’t ask for. I got a trip to the spa and it was the best experience I’ve ever had. It’s something I’ve asked for every year since.

What is your favourite Christmas tradition?

My favourite Christmas tradition is waking up at my mom’s side of the family grandparents house on Christmas day and opening my gifts. I’ve done that every years since I could remember. New Years is always spend at my dad’s side of the family. It’s something I’ve done so long that I would be sad if it was to change.

What is a new tradition you would like to start?

I’m so excited to start my own traditions with my family when I’m older. I think one of the biggest ones I want to start is making Christmas dinner. My family has never been one to make a big thing out of Christmas dinner. Usually it’s one person who makes it and it’s never super fancy. A lot of it is store bought. I want to make a tradition from scratch dinner.

What is your favourite Christmas movie?

My favourite movie is National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. It makes me laugh everytime I see it. I have related to if for a very long time. It was my Mother’s favourite too before Elf came out. I just like a good classic film.

What is your favourite Christmas treat to enjoy with a movie?

I like Ginger Snaps, popcorn, or just candies. I’m not someone that really eat special things while watching movies. I typically stick to popcorn. Sometimes I add m&ms to my popcorn to change it up.

How can we help someone this Christmas?

Donate, donate, donate. Donate money, time or goods. Just get out there and get involved. I am helping a homeless youth organization this year.

What is your idea of the perfect Christmas party?

My ideal Christmas party is no Christmas party haha. I just like to chill at home, eat good food and be with close love ones. I’m not a party person. I prefer relaxing and quiet.

What smells remind you of Christmas?

Pine or evergreen, cinnamon, apple, spice smells. I love candles so I have a bunch of them. Whenever the Christmas candles come out I get super excited. I end up buying them all especially the Febreeze and Bath and Body Works ones.

What are you guys answers to these questions? Do we have any similar tastes?


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