Winter Night Time Routine – Blogmas Day #17

I thought I would try something new and film my night time routine. I had a long day and was in desperate need of some TLC.

The first time I love to do is make my room comfortable. I make my bed like in my previous Cozy Christmas Bedroom post. I turn on all my fairy lights and get the bathroom to run a bath. I’ll play Sex and the City or Hell’s Kitchen in the background. Those are the two shows I’m obsessed with at the moment.

I picked out a bunch of hydrating things tonight. My usual oily skin was looking a bit dry from the cold weather. I threw in two pieces of the Zoella Beauty Fizz Bar. I also added a Snow Angel bath melt from Lush. I soaped up with a Saucy Snowcake soap also from Lush. Both products from Lush are meant to help with dry skin. Just for the fun of it I added bubbles with my The Magic of Christmas bubble bar, also Lush.

Once I got out of the bath I used the Bath and Body works Lavender & Sandalwood Body Oil for some dry patches on my skin. I enjoy body oil because it really helps rejuvenate the skin. I also added a face mask from Still. I used the ginger and pumpkin, self heating mask. It’s a rentalizing mask. I still haven’t figure out what that means. I think it’s a bad translation and means revitalizing. Those are my favourite masks by them. It leaves my face feeling fresh and looking incredible. It takes off the oil on my face without drying it out and hydrates the dry spots, which is amazing for my combination skin.

After I put my comfortable pjs I fill my water bottle with cold water. I also grab a little dessert of sugar free chocolate pudding and ginger snap cookies. I put on a snow and just chill for the rest of the night till bedtime.

Is there anything you guys do when you need to destress from a long day? Or any special things you do during your winter nights?


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