Lac Mégantic: Through My Eyes 2017


I will admit that I wasn’t the most ecstatic in the world to be going to Lac Mégantic. The last time I had been here, 3 years ago to be exact, was a disaster. We were sleeping on the floor of my grandparents cramped camper. Just to put it lightly, we were cranky and always on top of each other. It created some attitude. We need our space.

This year we decided to say at our own place so there wouldn’t be a repeat. The place we stayed at was incredible. It had the most gorgeous view of the lake and the mountains. I would honestly buy this place if I had half a million to put into a second home but like most, no luck. So I guess I just had to soak up it in as much as I can while I was there.

I think for the first time in awhile I actually feel in love with a vacation destination. I climbed a mountain, I got to pet a bear and just sit by the lake. There was no waking up at the crack of dawn, we woke up towards 9:30-10. There was no take out. We bought groceries and ate home cooked meals. (Side note: I think I lost weight this trip. Nothing crazy. Just eating at regular times and my strange lack of appetite.)

I feel relaxed. It’s almost strange feeling relaxed after a family vacation. I’m sure i’m not the only one who gets what I mean. It may have to do with the fact that I got my own queen bed to myself and my own space to disappear.

Lac Mégantic Through My eyes video.

Whatever the reason, I even experienced what feels like a profound calling. It was like I suddenly understood what I need to do with my life. I need to be a blogger. Maybe it’s fate but my blog traffic went up while I was on vacation this week. Lac Mégantic has showed me that I am meant to continue and pour my whole being into Collecting Glitter. No more fear. I am a blogger.

This trip was everything I needed. I’m not a religious person, not at all. I have plenty of problems with religion after my childhood being raised in a church. Though that story is for another day. I still felt a cosmic calling. My life needed this break from real life to see what I really want.

Someday I will buy a place here ad a second home. I leave with that. Lac Mégantic changed me for the best and I will return every chance I can get.


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