Zoella has Touched Down in Montreal

Zoe Sugg or better known as Zoella on the interwebs is one of my biggest hashtag goals. I hope to one day be at least half as successful as she is. I have been following her on her blog and youtube channel since about 2012. That’s almost  5 years of watching this amazing woman grow to become what she is today.

I live in Quebec, the exiled province of Canada. It is almost impossible to get anything in my country. Not necessarily because it’s not able to ship here it’s more like shipping is about 20 to 40 dollars. That’s insane, especially when you want to buy something that’s only 16$.

I currently work at Walmart. We don’t have Target’s around here so it’s pretty much our version of it. It’s a bit higher quality than in the United States and has a better reputation. I have a fun fact for all my fellow Canadians. If something is sold “exclusively” at Target, we most likely have it in our Walmart stores.

That is exactly what happened with Zoella’s beauty line. I could not for the life of me find any way to buy her products. Nowhere was selling it and online it was just too much for shipping or didn’t ship at all to my country. So when I was leaving the work the other day out of the corner of my eye I saw her products with the NEW label underneath. It was finally here.

I grabbed everything we had and bought it right away. It smelled amazing and I needed it in my life. I was so excited. I finally felt like I could fulfill my duty, following my idol as I should.


I was able to grab the Fizz Bar, Soap Pop, Wonder Hand, Soak Opera, and Creamy Madley Dreamy.

The first product I took a crack at was Creamy Madey Dreamy. It smells so fresh and feminine. I just loved the scent. It’s different but exactly what I expected from Zoe. The body cream was so thick and hydrating but not sticky at all. I know that is something Zoe is very avid about she hates sticky body cream so it was great to see her incorporate it into her own products. It definitely proves she cares about the products she releases.

The second product I used was Soak Opera. I think I was a bit confused because it was called a shower cream. I had in mind that it would be like those new body washes that are like a body cream to use in the shower. It has more of a body wash consistency. It foams up really nicely and a little goes a long way!! It leaves a faint smell which is nice because it’s not over powering.


I loved the Soap Pop packaging. It was adorable. Unfourtanitly its the product I like the least. The problem I had with it was when I opened the soap bar from the packaging it had a lot of scent but the minute I got it in the shower it stopped smelling. The scent was almost nonexistent. It also made me feel like I was in a Dove commercial. The soap made my skin feel very tight and like there was a layer on top of my skin instead of going into it. I definitely recommend Soak Opera over the Soap Pop. I will probably give it another go to see if my opinion changes though.

The Fizz Bar description kind of made me think it would so something other than it did. I thought it would fizz up like a bath bomb but instead, it left my bath a bit milking and soft. I actually love the product even though the description threw me off. I only used one square but I read a few other reviews that used more than one and it seemed to have the same reaction in the bath. I’m probably going to try and use more than one next time.

You can get the hand cream here: https://go.magik.ly/ml/f6eq/

Wonder Hand is my go to at work. I get really dry hands from all the products I have to touch during my day as a cashier. Sometimes products are wet or have a weird texture. Or maybe it’s because I have to be opening bags and touching my computer. Whatever it is it leaves my hands a bit sad. This hand cream is a saviour. It hydrates my hands and makes them smell yummy all at the same time. I have a small suspicion it’s the same exact formula from Creamy Madley Dreamy just in a smaller hand cream container. Either way, it’s nice to have a carry on version of the cream because it’s so amazing.

Overall, the packaging of the products are incredible. It’s so beautiful I didn’t even want to open it. I’m in love with the color scheme. The scent is to die for. The only thing I was disappointed with is that the descriptions of some of the products was a bit misleading. I was going into it thinking some of the products were different from what they really are. I can’t wait till we get new products here in Quebec becuase I do know this is an older collecting.

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