Saint Jean Baptiste – 2017


Happy Saint Jean Baptiste to all my fellow Quebecois out there. If you have no clue what I’m talking about, Saint Jean Baptiste is a holiday that is celebrated here in Quebec. It is known for its fireworks, festivities and basically an excuse to get drunk. Most of all it’s a day to celebrate our Frenchness. We get to yell from the rooftops how proud we are to be French Canadian.

My town puts together a festival every year that never disappoints. This year’s theme was JE SUIS CIRQUE. That roughly translates to I Am Circus. It pretty much means nothing. I don’t even think it means anything in French. Oops.

Every year the acrobats and circus performers come out to display their ever amazing talent. It amazes me the hard work they do and they deserve all the attention they get for these few days of fun. They have a few pop-up shows throughout the day and a huge show every night.

Not only are our circus performers are being celebrated by the rest of our community. The chip stands are our the local restaurants. The sponsors are our local supermarkets and pharmacies. I think that’s what makes this holiday so special to me. My community comes together to put together an amazing day.

Today was a hit and I am glad to share it with you guys with my first youtube video.

My video



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