A Few Words on Graduation

img_2137.jpgI have been at a loss for words for the last few days. I couldn’t find the right words to even begin to explain how I feel. I have finally received my diploma in the mail a year after my original graduation.

For anyone who knows me trying to leave high school behind me has been an immense struggle. Even though I did the whole senior year, graduation and prom last year I never actually graduated. I had failed one of my core classes.

After a year of much disappointment and hardship, I finally finished my high school. Today I get to walk across a stage shake hands with the director and know that I actually did it. I have actually finished.

I feel like there is a huge misconception about people who don’t finish high school. I am not a stupid girl. I am actually very academic. I struggled with a language barrier. I had to do my whole high school in French, a language that I didn’t know very well.

Graduating for me has been a long, difficult, humbling experience. It made me have a new perspective of people who go back to high school. It made me want things more and try harder to be where I want to be in life.

Clara 🙂


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