Welcome, Clara. Your Blog Awaits You.


I have finally got the inspiration I needed to start this blog. I have been sitting on the idea for months. I first started building this site in early 2017. I knew I wanted this to be my last attempt to be the influencer I wanted to be.

I’ve tried and failed many times to create a blog that made sense to who I was. I quickly lost interest in most of my blog choices. I found my problem was pigeon toeing myself into one category. I was tired of having to write about one subject all the time. I wanted to be free to write what I wanted without my followers not wanting to read anymore because I wasn’t talking about veganism or fashion specifically.

I decided lifestyle was who I was. I felt it was more open because anything can be a lifestyle from what you eat to what you wear to who you talk to. I wanted a space where I could just share my thoughts and feelings.

So here I am. Finally writing my first blog post. I am ready. I hope you guys are too.

Clara 🙂



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